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Lecture: Butaric - Embryology
4 weeks you see,
6 7 weeks you see,
8 weeks you see
37  cards
Lab 1-5 - Dorsum of Foot
What forms the medial marginal vein,
Where does the great saphenous ve...,
What forms the lateral marginal vein
69  cards
Manual 1-19: Bones
Proximal row,
Each of the tarsal bones is a,
Found between the proximal and di...
200  cards
Manual 34-42: Dorsum of Foot
Dorsalis pedis fascia is the cont...,
The deep fascia divides the dorsu...,
The deep fascia of the dorsum is ...
77  cards
Manual 56: Veins of Foot
What unite to form the dorsal met...,
The dorsal venous arch on the lat...,
The medial marginal vein is forme...
9  cards
Manual 126-129: Embryology
When precisely do limb buds start...,
Where on the embryo do limb buds ...,
Which appears first upper or lowe...
36  cards
Manual 132-133: Bone Kingdom
13  cards
Manual 130-131: Variations at DMU
Origin of intermediate dorsal cut...,
Origin of dorsalis pedis artery,
Number of extensor digitorum brev...
13  cards
Lab 6-13: Plantar Surface of the Foot
Plantar aponeurosis extends from ...,
At its origin the plantar aponeur...,
Lateral extension of the plantar ...
91  cards
Manual 20-33: Arthrology and Syndesmology of the Foot
4 common features of synovial joints,
For ligaments attached to tibia a...,
For ligaments attached to fibula ...
129  cards
Manual 43-55: Plantar Surface of Foot
What is another name for the pero...,
What are the two peroneal retinacula,
The superior peroneal retinaculum...
150  cards
Lab 15: Anterior Compartment of Leg
Tributaries of the great saphenou...,
Deep fascia of the leg,
Does the crural fascia continue a...
13  cards
Lab 16: Lateral Compartment of Leg
Primary origin of peroneus longus,
Origin of peroneus brevis,
Insertion of peroneus brevis
7  cards
Lab 17-19: Posterior Compartment of Leg
Most frequent termination of smal...,
What n is formed by the union bet...,
Origin of peroneal communicating ...
23  cards
Manual 57-62: Thigh and Patella Osteology
The knee is a compound joint made...,
What is the orientation of the co...,
What type of joint is the knee
154  cards
Manual 72-77: Vasculature of Thigh
Branches off the femoral a,
First branch off femoral,
Where does the superficial epigas...
72  cards
Manual 78-82:Osteology of Leg
Second longest and second stronge...,
Male v female tibia,
Inferior surface of tibia
95  cards
Manual 83-89: Muscles of Leg
Deep fascia of leg,
Attachements to crural fascia,
The crural fascia receives fibers...
93  cards
Manual 90-92: Nerves of Leg
Longest branch of the femoral n,
Course of the saphenous n,
Does the saphenous n pass through...
27  cards
Manual 93-101: Vasculature and Lymphatics of Leg
When does the femoral a change it...,
Where does the popliteal a terminate,
In the fossa the popliteal _ lies...
65  cards
Manual 102-105: Arthrology and Syndesmology of Leg
How many joints in knee joint,
Movements occurring at knee joint,
What type of joint is the knee joint
48  cards
Lecture: Leg I/II - Dunn
Pes anserinus,
What demarcates the origins of ti...,
Fibula articualtion with tibia pr...
31  cards
Lecture: Thigh I/II - Butaric
Pelvic girdle,
What side of the femur is the lin...,
Medial lip of the linea aspera le...
50  cards
Lecture: Gluteal Region and Pelvis - Meachen
Pelvic inlet male v female,
Pelvic outlet male v female,
Pubic arch male v female
22  cards
Manual 62- 68: Muscles of Thigh
The subcutaneous fascia of thigh ...,
The subcutaneous fascia is divide...,
Fascia distal to inguinal ligamen...
92  cards
Manual 69-71: Nerves of Thigh
Roots femoral branch of genitofem...,
The femoral branch of genitofemor...,
The femoral branch of genitofermo...
43  cards
Lecture: Veins and Lymphatics - Matz
How many valves great saphenoussm...,
Which side of the tendocalcaneus ...,
Why venae comitantes
20  cards
Manual 106 -113: Osteology and Arthrology Pelvis/Gluteal
Not articular fossa of acetabulum,
Articular portion of acetabulum,
Two names for external surface of...
108  cards
Manual 114-118: Muscles of Iliac and Gluteal Region
Origin psoas major,
Insertion psoas major,
N psoas major
60  cards
Manual 119-121: Nerves of Pelvis and Gluteal Region
Lumbar plexus,
Iliohypogastric n,
Branches off iliohypogastric n
37  cards
Manual 122-125: Vasculature of Pelvis and Gluteal Region
Where does the common iliac a split,
Larger terminal branch of common ...,
Branches off external iliac a
18  cards
Lab 20-22: Anterior Thigh
Location of prepatellar bursa and...,
Longest vein in the body,
Describe the saphenous opening
42  cards
Lab 23-25: Medial and Posterior Thigh
Medial compartment of the thigh c...,
Termination of profunda femoris,
M located b w the iliopsoas and a...
12  cards
Lab 26: Popliteal Fossa
Long axis of popliteal fossa dire...,
Floor of popliteal fossa,
The lateral sural cutaneous n is ...
6  cards
Lab 27-28: Gluteal Region
Cutaneous branches from dorsal ra...,
Cutaneous branches from dorsal ra...,
Origin inferior cluneal n
7  cards
Lab 29: Pelvis
Muscles lining pelvic wall,
Branches off external iliac befor...,
______ rami of s1 4 on the pelvic...
3  cards
Lab 30-31: Joints
Acl attaches pcl attackes,
Fascial continuation of the inser...,
Fascial thickening over the origi...
7  cards

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