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primary origin of peroneus longus

crural fascia and two intermuscular septa
- also originates from head of fibula and the upper 1/2 of the lateral surface of the fibular shaft


origin of peroneus brevis

- crural fascia, fibula and intermuscular septa
- osseous origin = distal 2/3 of lateral surface of fibular shaft (partially overlapping the peroneus longus)


insertion of peroneus brevis

tuberosity of 5th met


distal attachment peroneus longus

medial cuneiform and base of met of 1st toe


deep and superficial peroneal n. unite to form ...

common peroneal n.


where is the common peroneal n. in relation to peroneus longus and brevis?

common peroneal n. courses around the neck of the fibula and into a tunnel between the peroneus longus and fibula


n. traveling with the anterior tibial recurrent a. to the knee joint

recurrent articular branch (of common peroneal n.)