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tributaries of the great saphenous v. proceeding posteriorly drain into the ...

small saphenous v.


deep fascia of the leg

crural fascia


does the crural fascia continue across the anterior surface of the tibia?



tibial origins of the tibialis anterior m

lateral condyle and proximal half of lateral surface


crural fascia originis of tibialis anterior m

interosseous membrane b/w tibia and fibula and the fascia adjacent to and overlying the tibialis anterior


the extensor digitorum longus arise mainly from ...

anterior surface of the fibula

also originates from lateral condyle of tibia, anterior crural intermuscular septum, the crural fascia overlying the muscle and the crural fascia separating it from the tibialis anterior


origin of peroneus tertius

anterior surface of distal portion of fibula


origin of extensor hallucis longus

anterior aspect of the fibula and the interosseous membrane


separating the bellies of the tibialis anterior and the extensor digitorum longus, you find what structures?

- anterior tibial artery and venae comitantes
- deep peroneal n.


what a. ascends the within the tibialis anterior m. to join the circumpatellar anastomosis?

anterior tibial recurrent a.
( may be seen near retracted tibialis anterior m. coming off anterior tibial a.)


approximately 5 cm proximal tot he ankle, branhces are identified coming off the anterior tibial a. - what might they be?

anterior medial and posterior lateral malleolar branches


where does the anterior perforating branch of the peroneal a. pierce the interosseous membrane?

- about 5 cm proximal to the lateral malleolus
- you can follow it distally and demonstrate its communication with the anterior lateral malleolar and lateral tarsal a


what branch of the deep peroneal n. goes to the ankle joint?

articular branch of deep peroneal n.