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Nervous System
Non excitable cells that provide ...,
Glial cells,
Atom with a positive or negative ...
110  cards
T tubules of skeletal muscle are ...,
An a band within a skeletal muscl...,
What role does calcium play in mu...
76  cards
Skeletal & Calcium
The cells that form bone they sec...,
Bone cells that become trapped in...,
Instead of forming new bone these...
57  cards
Blood and Lymph Nodes
Lavender top tube,
Green top tube,
Blue top tube
105  cards
Immune System
Blood proteins in plasma,
59  cards
Cardiovascular Terms
Aortic valve
98  cards
Cardiovascular Study Questions
Which type of blood vessel carrie...,
Which type of blood vessel carrie...,
What are two parts of the cardiov...
41  cards
Blood Study Questions
What are the main functions of blood,
What is the most abundant compone...,
What is the differences between p...
36  cards
Immunity Study Questions
What is the main function of the ...,
What organs are involved in immunity,
How does the lymphatic system pro...
30  cards
What are the landmarks for auscul...,
What is a common area to hear asp...,
What is the equipment needed to i...
54  cards
What is the crown,
What is the root,
What is the dentin
114  cards
What is a calorie,
What are the six fundamental nutr...,
Why is water so vital to the surv...
37  cards
Respiratory Quiz
How do nasal passages condition t...,
What are sinuses,
How does the nasal septum divide
56  cards
Growth hormone gh,
Thyroid stimulating hormone th
27  cards
Urinary System
What are the 3 steps involved in ...,
What are the 6 structures that ma...,
What are the nitrogenous waste ma...
68  cards
How does the reproductive system ...,
Why is the reproductive system of...,
39  cards
Pregnancy and Lactation
Male pronucleus,
Female pronucleus
28  cards

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