ap civics & government

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Decks in this class (36)

I - Intro to Government
Different levels of government,
Questions about government
71  cards
II - Constitution
Functions of constitution,
Colonial period 1607 1763
91  cards
III - Federalism
Why did framers select federalism...,
Unitary system
80  cards
IV - Civic Liberties & Public Policies
Civil liberties,
Balance b t public order individu...,
Bill of rights
86  cards
V - Civic Rights & Public Policies
Civil rights,
Civil liberties,
The word equality was not mention...
77  cards
VI - Public Opinions & Political Actions
Us is a very,
Diversity makes study of american...,
Widely held political ideologies ...
72  cards
VII - Mass Media & Public Agenda
Types of media,
Print media examples,
Digital electronic media examples
39  cards
VIII - Political Parties
Political party,
Party membership,
Party as an organization
64  cards
IX - Nominations, Campaigns, Voting Behavior
Primary election,
General elecetion
58  cards
X - Interest Groups
Interest group,
Interest groups vs political parties,
Rise of internet social media
41  cards
XI - Congress
House of representatives
76  cards
XIII - The Budget
Federal budget,
Implied enumerated powers,
45  cards
XIV - Federal Bureaucracy
Government bureauracry,
Job of bureaucracy,
Examples of bureacracy
50  cards
XV - Federal Courts
Judicial review,
The foundation for powers of the ...,
What does article iii state about...
65  cards
Articles of Confederation
Articles of confederation,
Articles of confederation gave th...,
Political weaknesses
11  cards
Supreme Court Cases
0  cards
Important Documents
0  cards
XII - Presidency
Roles and responsibilities of the...,
President still need support of
66  cards
0  cards
I - American Gov't & Civic Engagement
Common gods,
Direct democracy
22  cards
II - Constitution & its Origins
Anti federalists,
Articles of confederation,
Bicameral legislature
23  cards
III - American Federalism
Bill of attainder,
Block grant,
Categorical grant
22  cards
IV - Civil Liberties
Blue law,
Civil liberties,
Civil rights
25  cards
V - Civic Rights
Affirmative action,
American indian movement,
Black codes
30  cards
VI - Political of Public Opinions
0  cards
VII - Voting & Elections
0  cards
VIII - Media
0  cards
IX - Political Parties
0  cards
X - Interest Groups & Lobbying
0  cards
XI - Congress
0  cards
XII - The Presidency
0  cards
XIII - The Courts
0  cards
XIV - State & Local Gov'ts
0  cards
XV - Bureaucracy
0  cards
XVI - Domestic Policy
0  cards
XVII - Foreign Policy
0  cards

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