aqa sociology crime and deviance

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Functionalist Theory on Crime
What are the 4 characteristics of...,
Why does crime exist according to...,
What are the functions of crime
34  cards
Right Realist Theory on Crime
What does the right realist theor...,
What are the causes of crime acco...,
How are biological differences ca...
12  cards
Marxist Theory on Crime
What is the cause fo crime accord...,
Who commits crime according to ma...,
Why do the w c commit utilitarian...
11  cards
New Criminology Theory on Crime
What are the similarties between ...,
How do taylor walton and young cr...,
Why do people commit crim accordi...
7  cards
Left Realism Theory on Crime
What are the similarites between ...,
What are the differences between ...,
Who commits crime according to le...
16  cards
Feminist Theory on Crime
What is the feminist theory on crime,
What is the feminist critique of ...,
Why do women commit crime accordi...
7  cards
Postmodernist Theory on Crime
What is the postmodernist theory ...,
What do henry and milovanovic say...,
What are the 2 types of harm henr...
9  cards
Interactionist Theory on Crime
How does an act beocme criminal a...,
What are moral entrepenuers becker,
What do the gov do in response to...
39  cards
Ethnicity and Crime
How is ocs accurate according to ...,
What is crime caused by according...,
Why are e m marginalised lea and ...
43  cards
Gender and Crime
Why are girls less likely to comm...,
Why are boys more likely commit c...,
Why are boys more likely to commi...
49  cards
Social Class and Crime
What is white collar crime,
What is occupation crime,
What is corporate crime
39  cards
Age and Crime
Why do young people commit more c...,
Why do young peopleappear more in...,
What does ocs show about criminal...
15  cards
Punishment and Surveillance
What is surveillance,
What are the 2 forms of punishmen...,
What is sovereign power foucault
48  cards
Control/Prevention/Reduction of Crime
What is situational crime prevention,
What are the 3 ways that situtati...,
What are 2 types of situational c...
24  cards
Victims of Crime
What is the un definition of vict...,
What does christie argue about th...,
What is repat victimisation
23  cards
Globalisation and Crime
What is globalisation of crime,
How has globalisation effected cr...,
What is transnational crime
29  cards
State Crime
What is state crime,
How does mclaughlin categorise st...,
What are the types of state crime
51  cards
Enviromental Crimes
Who commits enviormental crime,
How do individuals commit envirom...,
How do businesses commit envirome...
27  cards
Media and Crime
What type of crime do the media o...,
Who do the media show as victims ...,
Who do the media represent as off...
21  cards

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aqa sociology crime and deviance

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