atp private pilot

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All Acronyms
Imsafe pave pilot,
Imair pave pilot
23  cards
Cessna Maneuvers & Emergency
Pretakeoff brief engine failure o...,
Pre takeoff brief engine failure ...,
Engine failure during flight
22  cards
Cessna 172 Skyhawk V Speeds
Va at 2550 lbs
12  cards
Cessna Supplement Questions: Solo Prep
How should the approach speed be ...,
Identify the range of usable fuel...,
While maintaining a stabilized ap...
96  cards
A. Pilot Qualifications
Certificate requirements,
Flight experienceacting as pic ca...,
Definition of night
22  cards
B. Airworthiness Requirements
Airworthiness certificate location,
Airworthiness certificate expiration
33  cards
C. Weather Info
Is the property of ambient air th...,
What is a surface analysis chart,
State the general characteristics...
88  cards
D. Cross Country Flight Planning
What is true course,
How do you determine a magnetic c...,
What is true heading
48  cards
E. National Airspace System
Class golf vfr minimums,
Class golf characteristics,
Class echo characteristics
23  cards
F. Performance and Limitations
Define relative wind,
Define bernoullis principle,
Define torque effect
26  cards
G. Operations of Systems
What are the four main control su...,
What are flaps and what is their ...,
Describe the landing gear system ...
49  cards
H. Human Factors
What is hypoxia,
Where does hypoxia usually occur ...,
What factors can make a pilot mor...
15  cards
METAR codes
30  cards
Light Gun Signals
Steady green,
Flashing green,
Steady red
6  cards

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atp private pilot

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