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Biological Membranes & Transport
Name 3 amphipathic lipid aggregat...,
What is simple diffusion,
What is facilitated diffusion
30  cards
Amino Acids, Peptides, and Proteins
What is the general structure of ...,
What 7 amino acids contain nonpol...,
What 3 amino acids contain aromat...
20  cards
Central Nervous System
What is the function of the axon ...,
What is the function of dendrites,
What is arborization
14  cards
Synaptic Communication
4 benefits of electrical signaling,
4 limitations of electrical signa...,
What is the resting membrane pote...
76  cards
Muscle Physiology
Skeletal muscle makes up what per...,
How can muscles maintain body tem...,
What structures are responsible f...
45  cards
Acid Base Regulation - Columbo
Arrhenius definition of acids bases,
Bronsted lowry definition of acid...,
Lewis definition of acids bases
22  cards
Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide
What is partial pressure,
Total pressure is divided into pa...,
Describe the diffusion of gases i...
45  cards
Cardiac Physiology and ECG
What is an ecg,
Ecg is the primary clinical diagn...,
What is diastole
59  cards
Blood and Hematopoesis
What are 4 important functions of...,
What are characteristics of plasma,
What are characteristics of rbcs
27  cards
How do enzymes catalyze reactions,
Describe simple enzymatic reactions,
Vast majority of enzymes are
34  cards
Capillary Permeability
What percent of total circulating...,
What is the capillary wall made u...,
What components are exchanged bet...
31  cards
Water, Weak Acids, and Bases
5 examples of polar molecules,
What types of molecules are nonpolar,
2 examples of amphipathic molecules
6  cards
Cell Biology
What type of endocytosis occurs i...,
What types of endocytosis occurs ...,
What types of endocytosis occurs ...
5  cards
What are the two simplest monosac...,
What is the classification of mon...,
Of the triose monosaccharides whi...
74  cards
Enzymatic Inhibition
What is irreversible inhibition,
What is competitive inhibition,
What is uncompetitive inhibition
9  cards
Glucose Regulation and Formation
What is metabolism,
What is anabolism and catabolism,
What are 3 important types of met...
51  cards
What are the products of glycolysis,
What are the products of the pent...,
What is the product of the pyruva...
21  cards
Citric Acid Cycle
Where does the citric acid cycle ...,
Describe the inner and outer mito...,
T or f mitochondria have their ow...
13  cards
Oxidative Phosphorylation
What does oxidative phosphorylati...,
Where does oxidative phosphorylat...,
What are the steps of oxidative p...
21  cards
What are the 6 requirements for e...,
Describe how specificity is impor...,
Describe how amplification is imp...
45  cards
Fatty Acid Metabolism
Name 3 sources of lipids and fatt...,
What is the difference between li...,
What are the 4 fates of lipids an...
68  cards
The Pancreas, Liver, and Gallbladder
Name 3 gastrointestinal digestive...,
What general functions do gastroi...,
What is the function of exocrine ...
69  cards
Protein Metabolism: Oxidation and Urea
What are the 4 fates of dietary a...,
What are the 3 divisions of prote...,
Draw out the 4 fates of dietary a...
40  cards
Protein Metabolism: Amino Acid and Protein Synthesis
What are the 2 main sources of am...,
Describe the diet as an amino aci...,
Describe synthesis as a source of...
49  cards
Endocrine Physiology: Pituitary & Adrenals
Feedback mechanisms generally inv...,
What are hormones,
What is endocrinology
64  cards
Introduction to the Immune System
The ___ system is a disparate set...,
What is a pathogen,
What are the 5 classes of pathogens
63  cards
Define pharmacology,
Define pharmacokinetics,
Define pharmacodynamics
84  cards
Regulation and Integration of Metabolism
The ___ system controls the bodys...,
Describe top down oversight contr...,
What type of control is the auton...
50  cards
What is diabetes mellitus,
What type of diabetes is describe...,
What type of diabetes is describe...
63  cards
What are vitamins,
Vitamins can act as ___ cofactors,
Vitamins act as precursors for ___
24  cards
Mendelian Genetics and Inheritance
What is tooth agenesis,
Tooth agenesis affects ___ of the...,
Of the population affected by too...
47  cards
Cellular and Molecular Genetics
What are 3 components of mendelia...,
What are 4 components of molecula...,
What is a gene
55  cards

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