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Overview of Modern Blood Bank
Who is the regulating agency for ...,
Fresh frozen plasma ffp must be p...,
Refrigerators maintained at ____
16  cards
Transfusion reactions
Which of the following best descr...,
Which of the following may be a f...,
What is the most common preventab...
30  cards
Transfusion-Transmitted diseases
Which of the following changes in...,
Which of the following is indicat...,
Which test can reveal an asymptom...
16  cards
Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemias
Immune hemolytic anemia is define...,
Which of the following characteri...,
Which of the following signifies ...
20  cards
Red Cell and Platelet Preservation
Which metabolic pathway is respon...,
Which of the following best descr...,
The rbc membrane is permeable to ...
8  cards
Basic Genetics
How many chromosomes do somatic c...,
Which of the following must be tr...,
Which of the following best descr...
8  cards
Name a lymphoid organ in which ce...,
What are the principle receptors ...,
How can t cells be differentiated...
18  cards
Antiglobulin testing
Complete agglutinins that aggluti...,
What type of globulin does the an...,
Why is incubation omitted in the ...
10  cards
ABO groups and discrepencies
Forward grouping is defined as,
What percentage of the white popu...,
Why is reverse grouping not perfo...
18  cards
Rh blood group system
In the fisher race nomenclature w...,
What is the frequency of e antige...,
What does hr refer to in the wein...
13  cards
Other Blood Groups- Lewis System
Which enzyme is responsible for l...,
Lewis cell bound antigens absorbe...,
How is leb substance formed
10  cards
Other Major Blood Group Systems
Most blood group alleles are,
What mn phenotype is found in hig...,
Why are the m and n antigens impo...
49  cards
Additional blood group systems and antigens
All of the following is consisten...,
The wright blood group antigens b...,
Which statement is true concernin...
12  cards
detection and Identification of Antibodies
What determines if a red blood ce...,
What is tested in an antibody screen,
Why are screening cells group o
30  cards
Hemolytic Disease of the Newborn
In hemolytic disease of the newbo...,
In hemolytic disease of the newbo...,
The d positive fetal cells in rh ...
20  cards
Pretransfusion Testing
Mixing patient serum and donor re...,
What does compatibility testing i...,
Why are hemolyzed samples unaccep...
24  cards
Other technologies and Automation
When performing an antibody scree...,
A layer of red cell agglutinates ...,
The gel system has all of the fol...
9  cards
Donor Screening and Component Preparation
What is the minimum age for donat...,
What is the minimum weight requir...,
A potential donor yields a blood ...
31  cards
The removal of red cells in a hem...,
All of the following constitute v...,
Platelets collected using an open...
17  cards
Transfusion Therapy
What is the best tolerated form o...,
Why is whole blood contraindicate...,
The pathologic cause of a decreas...
28  cards
Quality Management
Which of the following is an exam...,
What is a function of the quality...,
What is the main purpose of linki...
10  cards

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