clasp: sepsis 2017/18

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READ ME / 1: Introduction to sepsis
Thanks for using my flashcards ho...,
Theyre written using the official...,
I write the questions based on wh...
37  cards
2: Defining a syndrome
0  cards
3: Concepts in infection 1
Alcoholics at much higher risk of...,
Specific ___ put you at risk of d...,
What is a prodrome
15  cards
4: Concepts in infection 2
Patient looks ill early warning s...,
Where is the site of infection,
What factors affect how a host re...
16  cards
5: Sepsis 6
What should be taken in addition ...,
Should blood be taken before or a...,
Learn proper order of sepsis 6
5  cards
6: Host infection interactions
Which cells of the skin secrete a...,
Which glands of the skin secrete ...,
What are the antigen presenting c...
23  cards
7: Laboratory testing in infection
Revise pneumonia and curb65,
Pneumonia typical features almost...,
Blood cultures are more likely to...
8  cards
8: Resuscitation in sepsis
What is the definition of hypoten...,
How does hypotension come about i...,
What is a cytokine which causes h...
28  cards
9: Antimicrobial stewardship
Antibiotics are rapidly developin...,
Gentamicin alternative is l,
Give septic patients iv drugsexce...
6  cards
10: FEAT UK sepsis charity
What is the definition of sepsis,
What are some complications of se...,
What is the mortality rate post s...
5  cards
11: Summary of sepsis
What is the first question you mu...,
After deciding there is infection...,
After youve confirmed the site of...
20  cards

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