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France - Loire Valley - General
Three main white grape varieties ...,
Five secondary white grape variet...,
Synonyms for orbois
10  cards
France - Loire Valley - Pays Nantais
Describe the climate of the pays ...,
Why was the frost of 1709 signifi...,
What are the sub regions of muscadet
26  cards
France - Loire Valley - Anjou-Saumur
True or false anjou saumur is the...,
What are the grape varietie s use...,
Is are all anjou blanc dry wines
65  cards
France - Bordeaux - 1855 Classification
Which 1855 growth commune lafite ...,
Which 1855 growth commune mouton ...,
Which 1855 growth commune latour
61  cards
Italy - Piemonte
Describe the basic geography of p...,
In which provinces are most of pi...,
What are the main hills of the wi...
57  cards
USA - Oregon
What was the first ava in oregon,
Between which mountain ranges is ...,
When did joseph drouhin invest in...
45  cards
USA - History & AVAs
What was the first ava in the usa,
When was napa valley awarded an ava,
Which government body oversees th...
12  cards
USA - Washington State
When was columbia valley made an ava,
How large is columbia valley ava ...,
Describe the climate of columbia ...
34  cards
What is the name of canadas appel...,
When was vqa launched in canada,
When was inniskillin established
54  cards
France - Champagne & Sparkling Wine
What are the grand cru villages o...,
What are the grand cru villages o...,
What are the grand cru villages o...
52  cards
Germany - History & Law
How many anbaugebiete in germany,
Name the 13 anbaugebiete of germany,
What does einzellage mean
38  cards
Germany - Mosel
Where does the mosel originate an...,
When was the mosel saar ruwer ren...,
How many bereiche are in the mosel
35  cards
USA - California
Where are the headquarters of gal...,
What are the four large avas of c...,
Which large ava covers land betwe...
59  cards
USA - New York State
Who is dr konstantin frank,
New york state is the __________ ...,
What are the two nested avas of l...
24  cards
France - Loire Valley - Touraine
What are the three soil types of ...,
What is the soil type of bourguei...,
What is the soil type of st nicol...
18  cards
France - Jura
What is the general soil types of...,
What is the climate of jura,
What is gamay blanc better known as
37  cards
France - Savoie
Which two lakes provide moderatin...,
What is lac leman better known as,
What is the regional appellation ...
37  cards
Which swiss canton is located clo...,
True or false switzerland is home...,
Which canton of switzerland exper...
52  cards
France - Northern Rhône Valley
Which appellation is the northern...
1  cards
Italy - Lombardy
What are the still wines from fra...,
When did franciacorta become docg,
Which producer released the first...
20  cards
France - Touraine
What are the three classic red ap...,
What are the three soil types of ...,
How do bourgueil aop soils differ...
20  cards
France - Central Vineyards
What are the three soil types of ...,
What is the significant soil type...,
When did didier dagueneau die
13  cards
Germany - Rheinhessen
Where is rheinhessen located,
Which german anbaugebiet has the ...,
Historically what were the signif...
19  cards
Germany - Rheingau
Who is the most famous producer o...,
What is the best vineyard for spa...,
Describe the climate and influenc...
19  cards
South Africa - General
When was the first vineyard estab...,
When did the huguenots arrive in ...,
When was the constantia estate es...
30  cards
Germany - Ahr, Mittelrhein, Nahe,
Which german region is the worlds...,
What percentage of ahr production...,
The ahr river is a tributary of t...
26  cards
Germany - Hessische Bergstrasse, Franken
What are the two bereiche of hess...,
What are the main varieties of he...,
How many hectares in the anbaugeb...
19  cards
Germany - Wüttemberg, Baden
On which body of water are both b...,
In which anbaugebiet is germanys ...,
What is a better known synonym fo...
9  cards
Germany - Saale-Unstrut, Sachsen
What is germanys northernmost gro...,
Where did saale unstrut get its name,
Where is saale unstrut located
23  cards
Germany - Pfalz
Describe the climate of pfalz
1  cards
What is retsina flavoured with,
Which grape variety is used for r...,
Which traditional wine of greece ...
99  cards
France - Chablis
Which premier cru vineyards are o...,
Which major premier cru vineyards...,
How many chablis premier cru clim...
11  cards
What are the six sub regions of c...,
What is bonne chauffe,
What is brouillis
25  cards
Spain - North West
What are the five dos of galicia,
What are the sub regions of rias ...,
What percentage of rias baixas al...
23  cards
Portugal - North
What is the climate of vinho verd...,
What is the traditional vine trai...,
What is enforcado
39  cards
Portugal - South
In which igp is colares dop to be...,
Which dop in the lisboa igp grows...,
What is medieval de ourem
69  cards
Italy - Super Tuscans
Varietal breakdown antinori tigna...,
Varietal breakdown antinori solaia,
Varietal breakdown antinori guado...
43  cards
Italy - General
Which were the first docgs when w...,
When was gorias law enacted what ...,
When was the docg category introd...
4  cards
At the confluence of which two ri...,
Who classified the vineyards of t...,
Who owns oremus
22  cards
Has bulgaria embraced internation...,
What are the five regions of bulg...,
What is bulgarias most famous wine
5  cards
South Africa - Western Cape
Which western cape district is no...,
Name the four wards that are not ...,
What is distinctive about the bob...
43  cards
South America - General
Which country is the only one in ...,
What is the synonymous name for t...,
Which variety was the most plante...
12  cards
South America - Chile
How long is the coast of chile ho...,
What is the minimum percentage re...,
What are the six regional denomin...
44  cards
South America - Argentina
Is argentina a significant wine p...,
What is the general climate of ar...,
What is the zonda
31  cards
What are the most cultivated vari...,
Name three indigenous red varieti...,
Where are romanias highest vineya...
27  cards
Spain - Sherry
What are the two winds that influ...,
What is the traditional training ...,
What is a generoso wine
6  cards
Italy - Sicily
0  cards
France - Languedoc
What styles of wine are made in l...,
What are the cru of the languedoc...
2  cards
Portugal - Madeira
0  cards

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