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Level 1 Chapter 1
Quick casual,
Contract feeder,
Julia child
40  cards
Level 1 Chapter 2
Describes a job that requires lit...,
Person in the front of the house ...,
Works the front of the house and ...
40  cards
Chapter 3
The great variety of people and t...,
Generalizations that an individua...,
A general attitude towards a pers...
40  cards
Level 1 Chapter 6
Microorganisms that cause illness,
Two or more people get the same i...,
Elderly people are at higher risk...
40  cards
Chapter 7
The most important part of person...,
Gloves should be worn at all time...,
Condition describes a very yellow...
40  cards
Chapter 8
When pathogens spread from one su...,
Thermometers can lose there accur...
40  cards
Chapter 9
The legal responsibility that one...,
The federal agency that creates a...,
40  cards
Chapter 10
What percent of fires in restaura...,
What class of fire is a fire invo...,
This class of fire mostly occurs ...
40  cards
Chapter 11
A utility cart is an example of t...,
A walk in refrigerator is an exam...,
Dry goods must be stored at least...
40  cards
Chapter 13
An arrangement of equipment and t...,
Section of the kitchen where sala...,
Responsible for accepting orders ...
40  cards
Chapter 14
When subtracting large numbers th...,
A written record of the ingredien...,
If a recipe normally serving 16 n...
39  cards
Chapter 15
The most popular american lettuce,
Also known as frisee has a slight...,
Essential ingredient in caesar salad
40  cards

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