clinical neuro exam 1

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Ophthamology: Eye Exam
The first and most important comp...,
What is the uvea or uveal tract,
What is astigmatism
16  cards
Ophthamology: Acute Visual Loss
What is iris synechia,
There are few emergent situation ...,
What is a hyphema
24  cards
Ophthamology: Red Eye
What does the term injection mean...,
What is one emergent situation th...,
What do characteristic dendrites ...
29  cards
Ophthamology: Chronic Visual Loss
What is normal intraocular pressu...,
Component of the visual field tha...,
What are two general mechanisms t...
12  cards
Ophthamology: Neuro-ophthamology
What is the first thing to assess...,
Most common cause of monocular di...,
Direction the eye deviates in cn ...
21  cards
Ophthamology: Ocular and Orbit Injuries
What is the ultimate goal in trea...,
What is the immediate treatment f...,
What kind of traumatic injury cau...
31  cards
Ophthamology: Ocular Pharm
How many mg of atropine are in 5c...,
38  cards
Neurology: Neuro Exam Correlation
What is asterixis,
What is dystonia,
What is tardive dyskinesia
28  cards
Pharm: Glaucoma Drugs
Which is the only drug class that...,
18  cards
Micro: Eye Infections
Main causative agent in infection...,
Swimming pool conjunctivitis,
How can an infectious conjunctivi...
25  cards
Neurology: Aging
What is the primary cause of age ...,
What is one normal somatosensory ...,
What reflex can be normally absen...
17  cards
Neurology: Peripheral Neuropathies
Describe wallerian degeneration i...,
Describe the functions of small a...,
What are the 1 and 2 risks for po...
47  cards
Neurology: Spinal Cord Disease
Describe werdnig hoffman disease,
Describe kugelberg welander disease,
Name two biochemical causes of lo...
20  cards
Path: Neurocytology and PNS path
Histological characteristic of da...,
Common histological presentation ...,
Describe wallerian degeneration
14  cards
Ophthamology: Amblyopia and Strabismus
What is amblyopia,
What are the 3 main causes of amb...,
Strabismus leads to double vision...
7  cards
Ophthamology: pediatric ocular disorders
Two biggest culprits in bacterial...,
What is palpebral conjunctiva vs ...,
How can you diagnose and treat ch...
17  cards
Neurology: Headache and Migraine
What are the criteria for the int...,
What are the criteria for the int...,
What is the most common type of aura
34  cards
Neurology: Tumors
Describe a paraneoplasm,
What types of tumor are more comm...,
Contrast agent used to enhance mr...
36  cards
Path: Neoplasms
Describe the location and age gro...,
Describe the location and age gro...,
Describe the location and age gro...
22  cards
Neuro: CNS infections
3 most common bugs that cause bac...,
What is cushing s reflex,
What are the 3 major signs of men...
47  cards
Path: Edema
What general type of tissue is mo...,
2 main causes of intracellular edema,
Most common congenital malformati...
5  cards
Path: Infections
3 most common causes of bacterial...,
Group of diseases that cause cong...,
Most common bacterial causes of m...
14  cards
Path: CNS trauma
Describe cushing s reflex,
What vessel is involved in an epi...,
What causes loss of consiousness ...
13  cards
Micro: bacterial meningitis
1 cause of all bacterial meningitis,
Main virulence factor for bugs th...,
3 major bugs that cause bacterial...
29  cards
Micro: Fungus/Parasites
Fungal classification of c neofor...,
Main fungal infection in aids pat...,
Name the 4 dimorphic fungi
21  cards
Micro: Viral CNS
Main cause of cns damage from vir...,
Main viruses that cause meningitis,
Treatment for viral meningitis
17  cards
Pharm: Migraine Meds
25  cards
Pharm: Opioids and Analgesics
How do the mu delta and kappa rec...,
List the functions of the mu delt...,
21  cards
Pharm: cognitive disorders
Define dementia,
27  cards
Pharm: Antivirals
Name 3 viruses that can be treate...,
Why is acyclovir more selective t...,
List 2 indications for valacyclovir
17  cards

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