den2025 - dental public health and behavioural science

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What is psychology,
What is health psychology,
Give 2 examples of oral functiona...
21  cards
Stress and Coping
What is stress,
What are the 2 components of stress,
What is a stressor
33  cards
Stress and Oral Health
Describe 2 pathways in which stre...,
Describe stress as an actual risk...,
What do current studies suggest i...
21  cards
Stress and the Dental Profession
Describe the theory of stress as ...,
Describe the theory of stress as ...,
Describe the theory of stress as ...
27  cards
Ethnicity and Oral Health
What is ethnicity,
What is race,
What is a minority
17  cards
Social Class and Oral Health
What is social class,
How does social class tend to inf...,
Name 5 key risk factors in poor o...
27  cards
Dental Anxiety
Name 2 ways a person may become a...,
What are 3 ways a person may be d...,
What are 3 ways a person may be i...
32  cards
Pain and Pain Management
What are 2 reasons pain is necessary,
Name 4 types of pain,
What is neuroplatic pain
39  cards
Drugs and Alcohol Awareness
What is addiction,
Name 3 ways addiction interferes ...,
What 2 chemicals can cause pleasu...
43  cards
Oral Health Behaviour Change
Why is it important to focus on b...,
Name 2 key behaviours recommended...,
Describe 2 critical healthy behav...
41  cards
Adherence in Dentistry
What is adherence,
How high is nonadherence for medi...,
Name 2 umbrella terms of nonadher...
28  cards
Key Concepts in Dental Public Health
Name 4 components of the public h...,
What is dental public health acco...,
What 5 sciences contribute to den...
41  cards
Health and Illness and Oral Health-Related Quality of Life
What is the whos definition of he...,
What is functional ability,
Give an example of 2 intrinsic ab...
29  cards
Determinants of Health Inequality
What are health determinants,
Give 5 examples of social determi...,
Give 3 examples of non social det...
34  cards
Principles of Epidemiology
What is epidemiology,
Name 2 ways which the information...,
What are 4 reasons to measuring d...
52  cards
Demographic Oral Health Trends
What is demography,
Give 4 examples of measurements a...,
What is the role of the office of...
33  cards
Principles of Health Promotion
What is health education,
Name 3 ways health education is p...,
Describe how health education may...
28  cards
Strategies for Health Improvement
Name 2 types of strategies for he...,
Describe a high risk approach as ...,
Describe a whole population appro...
37  cards
Fluorides and Fissure Sealants
What is the most common childhood...,
What does prevention of dental ca...,
What 2 things can improve ease of...
34  cards
Organisation of Health Services
When was the nhs established,
What is the nhs constitution,
Name 7 principles underpinning th...
40  cards
Community Oral Health Care Planning
Describe the 3 stages of approach...,
What is national guidance issued ...,
How does a typical regular dental...
26  cards
NHS Dental Services
Describe the concept of skill mix,
Describe the changing dental need...,
Describe how older adults may hav...
26  cards
Vital Statistics
What do rates tell,
What are crude rates,
What are specific rates
43  cards
Study Designs
Why is study design important,
Name 4 important factors to consi...,
What are 2 main types of study de...
41  cards
Hypothesis Testing
What is a hypothesis test,
What is the aim of hypothesis tes...,
Describe 5 steps to hypothesis te...
23  cards

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