dermatology diploma

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Red & Spotty Face - ACNE
What is the hallmark of acne and ...,
What causes a microcomedone,
What are the 4 main factors involved
51  cards
Red & Spotty Face - Rosacea & Perioral Dermatitis
What are the clinical features of...,
If someone has rosacea what might...,
What is the typical age group of ...
19  cards
Red & Spotty Face - Seborrhoeic Dermatitis
What is the cause of seborrhoeic ...,
What can cause the proliferation ...,
How do you manage seborrhoeic der...
4  cards
Red & Spotty face - Facial Eczema, Contact Dermatitis & Airborne Allergy
If a patient has a facial dermati...
1  cards
Red & Spotty Face - Photosensitive Eruptions
What conditions are considered to...,
What are the key areas affected b...,
Describe the typical patient with...
18  cards
Itchy Skin & Eczema
What is yamamotos sign,
What are the most common sites of...,
As one gets older the face is mor...
38  cards
Allergies at Home and Work
What is the difference between at...,
What is the difference between al...,
What are the substances that most...
26  cards
Drug Reactions 1
1  cards
Facial Rash
What is this,
What causes it and what must be d...,
What is the relationship between ...
4  cards
Week 1
How to Recognise and Investigate Skin Disease
15  cards
Week 3 - Bacterial Skin Infections
What are the 3 key reasons why ba...,
What is the most common skin infe...,
What is the most common cause for...
26  cards
Week 3- Viral & Fungal Skin Infections
Vesicles are ususally caused by w...,
What is the incubation period for...,
Does chickenpox varicella start p...
20  cards
Week 6 - Allergies at Home & Work
What is contact dermatitis,
What are the 2 types of contact d...,
What substances most commonly cau...
19  cards
Week 7 - Drug Reactions
Who is most at risk of developing...,
Which drugs are most likely to ca...,
What are the two types of adverse...
47  cards
Week 8 - Wound Healing
How many years does it take for a...,
What of final strength does a wou...,
What are some factors that may de...
19  cards
Special Problems In Children
Whats the most common lesion in n...,
How do you treat a mongolian blue...,
What is this called
35  cards
Special Problems in Children Part 2
What is this,
What is this and what causes it,
What is this what causes it what ...
42  cards
Harmless Lumps & Bumps
What is this and what is the trea...,
What is this and what,
If a giant molloscum or many moll...
34  cards
Pigmented Lesions
What percentage of the cells in t...,
Describe the,
How is skin colour controlled
45  cards
Cancerous Lumps and Bumps
What 2 pre cancerous lesions can ...,
What type of pre cancer is this,
Apart from bcc and scc what are s...
49  cards
What are local features with rega...,
What are,
How does pigment network vary fro...
51  cards
Skin Cancer & Immunosuppression
Lifelong immunosuppression to sto...,
What is the aim of induction therapy,
What is the aim of maintenance th...
20  cards
Geneticswhat of new cases of psor...,
What the the single major histoco...,
What environmental factors affect...
59  cards
Blistering Conditions
How do you categorise bullous dis...,
What are some non immunobullous c...,
How do you know if you are dealin...
45  cards
Lichen Planus & Lichenoid Reactions
At what age does lichen planus us...,
How are the lesions in lichen pla...,
What areas of the body are most l...
27  cards
Vasculitis & Vascular Lesions
What does the term leucocytoclast...,
Describe the pathology of cryoglo...,
What of vasculitidies are idiopathic
78  cards
Skin & Systemic Disease
In diabetes mellitus what conditi...,
In diabetes mellitus what conditi...,
In diabetes mellitus what conditi...
45  cards
Connective Tissue Disease
In sle who are more commonly affe...,
What is the peak age of onset in sle,
What drugs can cause sle
46  cards
Rashes in Creases
What is a good algorithm for rash...,
What is a good algorithm for asym...,
What is a good algorithm for flex...
31  cards
Hair - too much or too little
What are the 3 types of hair,
What are the 3 phases of hair growth,
How long does the anagen phase la...
65  cards
Body Parts Connected to the Skin
How many telangiectasia on the bo...,
If you see multiple telangiectasi...,
In what conditions do multiple te...
58  cards
Genital Dermatology
When someone complains of itchy g...,
What are some causes of infection...,
What are some inflammatory disord...
33  cards
Nail Disease
The nail consists of what structures,
What is this and what does it rep...,
What is this and what does it rep...
66  cards
Skin Problems in Pigmented Skin
What is the cause of pih,
What sort of dermatoses are parti...,
If the
42  cards
Dermatoses in Pregnancy
What are the dermatoses in pregnancy,
General pruritus affects what of ...,
What is this
22  cards
What is urticaria,
What gender is more likely to get...,
What of the population get urticaria
38  cards
Psyche and the Skin
Describe the factors that affect ...,
Describe the classification of di...,
What are some psychiatric disorde...
12  cards
Sunshine and the Skin
What happens to the skin upon cho...,
What is this,
What is this
36  cards
Uncommon Infections
What are the uncommon infections ...,
What are the 3 main types of para...,
For what are the parasitical arth...
50  cards

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