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Unit 1
Aqua aquae f,
Cena cenae f,
Culpa culpae f
55  cards
Unit 2
Sum esse fui futurus,
Ancilla ancillae f,
Judaea judaeae f
56  cards
Unit 3
Regina reginae f,
Chorus chori m,
Hymnus hymni m
60  cards
Unit 4
Animus animi m,
Gladius gladii m,
Magister magistri m
60  cards
Unit 5
Ambulo ambulare ambulavi ambulatus,
Canto cantare cantavi cantatus,
Do dare dedi datus
77  cards
Unit 6
Reddo reddere reddidi redditus,
Trado tradere tradidi traditus,
Fugo fugare fugavi fugatus
95  cards
Unit 7
Celebro celebrare celebravi celeb...,
Concelebro concelebrare concelebr...,
Firmo firmare firmavi firmatus
74  cards
Unit 8
Pleo plere plevi pletus,
Adimpleo adimplere adimplevi adim...,
Compleo complere complevi completus
70  cards
Unit 9
Adjuvo adjuvare adjuvi adjustus,
Formo formare formavi formatus,
Intro intrare intravi intratus
56  cards
Unit 10
Solvo solvere solvi solutus,
Absolvo absolvere absolvi absolutus,
Tollo tollere sustuli sublatus
60  cards
Unit 11
Clino clinare clinavi clinatus,
Inclino inclinare inclinavi incli...,
Reclino reclinare reclinavi recli...
70  cards
Unit 12
Clamo clamare clamavi clamatus,
Acclamo acclamare acclamavi accla...,
Exclamo exclamare exclamavi excla...
72  cards
Unit 13
Ceno cenare cenavi cenatus,
Creo creare creavi creatus,
Addo addere addidi additus
86  cards
Unit 14
Detergeo detergere detersi detersus,
Inhaereo inhaerere inhaesi inhaesus,
Lego legere legi lectus
66  cards
Unit 15
Manduco manducare manducavi mandu...,
Sono sonare sonui sonitus,
Insono insonare insonui
31  cards
Unit 16
Figo figere fixi fixus,
Crucifigo crucifigere crucifixi c...,
Flecto flectere flexi flexus
38  cards
Unit 17
Nuntio nuntiare nuntiavi nuntiatus,
Annuntio annuntiare annuntiavi an...,
Placo placare placavi placatus
50  cards
Unit 18
Baptizo baptizare baptizavi bapti...,
Evangelizo evangelizare evangeliz...,
Cedo cedere cessi cessus
43  cards
Unit 19
Curo curare curavi curatus,
Desidero desiderare desideravi de...,
Vulnero vulnerare vulneravi vulne...
29  cards
Unit 20
Miror mirari miratus sum,
Admiror admirari admiratus sum,
Pecco peccare peccavi peccatus
33  cards
Unit 21
Conor conari conatus sum,
Exspecto exspectare exspectavi ex...,
Lacrimor lacrimari lacrimatus sum
40  cards
Unit 22
Dignor dignari dignatus sum,
Dedignor dedignari dedignatus sum,
Judico judicare judicavi judicatus
37  cards
Unit 23
Amo amare amavi amatus,
Illumino illuminare illuminavi il...,
Operor operari operatus sum
29  cards
Unit 24
Illustro illustrare illustavi ill...,
Porto portare portavi portatus,
Accendo accendere accendi accensus
35  cards
Unit 25
Fleo flere flevi fletus,
Timeo timere timui,
Curro currere cucurri cursus
37  cards
Unit 26
Laboro laborare laboravi laboratus,
Praestolor praestolari praestolat...,
Spiro spirare spiravi spiratus
28  cards
Unit 27
Lavo lavare lavi lautus lotus,
Fulgeo fulgere fulsi,
Circumfulgeo circumfulgere circum...
33  cards
Unit 28
Curvo curvare curavi curvatus,
Fundo fundare fundavi fundatus,
Magnifico magnificare magnificavi...
34  cards
Unit 29
Corono coronare coronavi coronatus,
Monstro monstrare monstravi monst...,
Demonstro demonstrare demonstravi...
34  cards
Unit 30
Cogito cogitare cogitavi cogitatus,
Commendo commendare commendavi co...,
Existimo existimare existimavi ex...
39  cards
Unit 31
Approponquo appropinquare appropi...,
Narro narrare narravi narratus,
Ploro plorare ploravi ploratus
40  cards
Unit 32
Coaduno coadunare coadunavi coadu...,
Spero sperare speravi speratus,
Verbero verberare verberavi verbe...
35  cards
Unit 33
Dito ditare ditavi,
Mutuor mutuari mutuatus sum,
Significo significare significatus
45  cards
Unit 34
Erro errare erravi erratus,
Penetro penetrare penetravi penet...,
Rutilo rutilare rutilavi rutilatus
35  cards
Unit 35
Accomodo accomodare accomodavi ac...,
Conforto confortare,
Exspolio exspoliare exspoliavi ex...
32  cards
Reading 3
Ordino ordinare ordinavi ordinatus,
Narratio narrationis f,
Initium initii n
105  cards
Reading 4
Oliva olivae f,
Percutio percutere percussi percu...
116  cards
Reading 5
Gemo gemere gemui gemitus,
Afflictus a um
21  cards
Reading 6
Conditor conditoris m,
Fastidium fastidii n
29  cards
Reading 7
Incessabilis incessabile,
Laudabilis laudabile,
Candidatus a um
11  cards
Reading 8
Vexillum vexilli n,
Lancea lanceae f,
Mucro mucronis m
16  cards
Reading 9
Laurea laureae f,
Certamen certaminis n,
Tropaeum tropaei n
69  cards
Reading 10
Unctio unctionis f,
Septiformis septiforme
14  cards
Reading 11
Almus a um,
Porta portae f,
Caecus a um
10  cards
Reading 12
Puerlilis puerlile,
Decus decoris n,
Promo promere prompsi promptus
12  cards
Reading 13
Dator datoris m,
Consolator consolatoris m
20  cards
Reading 14
Favilla favillae f,
Tremor tremoris m,
Strictus a um
26  cards
Reading 15
Dux ducis m,
Thema thematis n,
Specialis speciale
46  cards
Reading 16
Generosis a um,
Intactus a um,
13  cards
Reading 17
Linquo linquere liqui,
Vespera versperae f,
Aemulus aemuli m
15  cards
Reading 18
Almus a um,
Daemon daemonis m,
Fraus fraudis f
11  cards
Reading 19
Cardo cardinis n,
Limes limitis n,
Auctor auctoris m
16  cards
Reading 20
Carthago carthaginis f,
Circumstrepo circumstrepere circu...,
25  cards
Reading 21
Ultimus a um,
Inseparabilis e
14  cards
Reading 22
Urgeo urgere ursi,
Mysticus a um
52  cards
Reading 23
Depositum depositi n,
Recens recentis
45  cards
Units 1-10
Aqua aquae f,
Cena cenae f,
Culpa culpae f
663  cards
Units 11-14
Clino clinare clinavi clinatus,
Inclino inclinare inclinavi incli...,
Reclino reclinare reclinavi recli...
294  cards
1st Conjugation Indicative
1st conjugation present active in...,
1st conjugation imperfect active ...,
1st conjugation future active ind...
12  cards
2nd Conjugation Indicative
1st conjugation present active in...,
1st conjugation imperfect active ...,
2nd conjugation future active ind...
12  cards
3rd Conjugation Indicative
3rd conjugation present active in...,
3rd conjugation imperfect active ...,
3rd conjugation future active ind...
12  cards
3rd Conjugation (i-stem) Indicative
3rd conjugation i stem present ac...,
3rd conjugation i stem imperfect ...,
3rd conjugation i stem future act...
12  cards
4th Conjugation Indicative
4th conjugation present active in...,
4th conjugation imperfect active ...,
4th conjugation future active ind...
12  cards
1st declension,
2nd declension masc,
2nd declension neut
11  cards
Relative interrogative adjective ...,
Relative pronoun interrogative ad...
2  cards

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