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Med Term - chap 5
306  cards
chapter 13 - shock & pathophysiology
The part of the nervous system th...,
A blue skin discoloration that is...,
The ability of the heart muscle t...
30  cards
chapter 6 - the human body
The part of the skull that enclos...,
The bone of the lower jaw,
A neurotransmitter and drug somet...
184  cards
chapter 38 - transport operations
A process such as heating that re...,
The killing of pathogenic agents ...,
A specialized vehicle for treatin...
13  cards
chapter 2 - workforce safety & wellness
The body s ability to protect its...,
A delayed stress reaction to a pr...,
The federal regulatory compliance...
29  cards
chapter 7 - lifespan development
A type of reasoning in which a ch...,
A person who is 6 12 years of age,
An infant reflex in which the inf...
21  cards
chapter 8 - lifting & moving patients
A specially designed stretcher th...,
A carrying technique in which one...,
A stretcher that is a rigid carry...
16  cards
chapter 4 - communications
A special telephone line that is ...,
The ability to transmit and recei...,
A low power portable radio that c...
36  cards
chapter 10 - pt assessment
The mental status of a patient as...,
The process of establishing treat...,
The delicate membrane that lines ...
73  cards
chapter 11 - airway management
The upper tract or the passage ab...,
A side lying position used to mai...,
Improper placement of an advanced...
91  cards
chapter 14 - bls resuscitation
Stiffening of the body muscles a ...,
Blood settling to the lowest poin...,
Advanced life saving procedures s...
20  cards
chapter 3 - medicolegal
The act of physically preventing ...,
A type of advance directive execu...,
Unlawfully touching a patient of ...
55  cards
chapter 17 - cardiac emergencies
The one way valve that lies betwe...,
Disorganized ineffective quiverin...,
Widening of a tubular structure s...
44  cards
chapter 23 - behavioral emergencies
The basic activities a person usu...,
A mental disorder characterized b...,
A complex difficult to identify m...
14  cards
chapter 12 - pharmacology
The process by which a medication...,
A medication that increases cardi...,
A delivery route in which a medic...
58  cards
chapter 20 - endocrine & hematologic
Severe hypoglycemia resulting in ...,
An abnormally high blood glucose ...,
A tendency toward the development...
25  cards
chapter 16 - respiratory emergencies
Wheezing on inspiration expiratio...,
Flushed skin or hives generalized...,
Shortness of breath wheezing coug...
19  cards
chapter 18 - neurologic
A state of profound unconsciousne...,
An interruption of blood flow to ...,
An abnormally high blood glucose ...
28  cards
chapter 21 - allergy
Localized areas of swelling benea...,
A harsh high pitched respiratory ...,
The body s exaggerated immune res...
16  cards
chapter 19 - GI
Inflammation in small pockets at ...,
Vomiting blood,
The protrusion of an organ or tis...
20  cards
chapter 22 - toxicology
A severe withdrawal syndrome seen...,
A drug that produces sleep or alt...,
An agent that produces an excited...
19  cards
chapter 31 - abdominal injuries
The region below the rib cage and...,
The abdominal cavity,
An injury in which there is soft ...
12  cards
chapter 26
The formation of clots to plug op...,
The flow of blood through body ti...,
Very small thin walled blood vessels
12  cards

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