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Midterm 2 (2017-2018)
In europe only low virulence stra...,
Infectious bursal disease is a ve...,
Pigeons are the most susceptible ...
348  cards
Midterm 2 (Virus specific)
African swine fever leads to abor...,
Wild boars may carry african swin...,
The main tool against african swi...
444  cards
Midterm 2 (2019)
The african swine fever virus can...,
The asf causes haemadsorption in ...,
The asf infects the swine per os
160  cards
Midterm 3 (1)
Bovine parainfluenza virus 3 is f...,
Parainfluenza 3 viruses causes di...,
A common route of infection with ...
720  cards
Midterm 3 (2)
Porcine transmissible gastroenter...,
Tge causes 100 mortality in sows,
Porcine respiratory coronavirus c...
767  cards
Midterm 3 (3)
The hemagglutinin h gene of influ...,
The neuraminidase n gene of influ...,
The nucleocapsid gene of influenz...
491  cards
Midterm 3 (4)
Borna disease causes dementia cns...,
Borna disease occurs mainly in th...,
Borna disease virus is spreading ...
459  cards
Midterm 4 (1)
Fimbria can be virulence factors ...,
Lt toxin can be virulence factor ...,
Verotoxins produced by e coli str...
480  cards
Midterm 4 (2)
Yersinia enterocolitica can infec...,
Some yersinia enterocolitica stra...,
Yersinia enterocolitica can infec...
520  cards
Mindterm 4 (3)
Mycobacteria are very resistant,
Obligate pathogenic mycobacteria ...,
Mycobacterium caprae only infects...
320  cards
Midterm 4 (By bacteria 1)
Actinomycosis of cattle is caused...,
In the case of bovine actinomycos...,
Bovine actinomycosis is caused by...
437  cards
Midterm 4 (By bacteria 2)
The virulence factors of p multoc...,
Pasteurella are very resistant in...,
Pasteurella are obligate pathogens
307  cards

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