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Nervous System Part 1
Peripheral nervous system pns,
Autonomic nervous system,
What do neurons do
42  cards
Nervous System Part 2
Usual stimuli for nerve impulse,
Saltatory conduction
10  cards
Nervous System Part 3
Bits of gray matter mix closely a...,
Three parts of the brainstem,
Important reflex centers located ...
41  cards
The Bervous System Part 4
Spinal tracts,
Three layers of the spinal meninges
9  cards
The Senses Part 2
White of the eye,
Part of the sclera referred to as...,
Inflammation of the cornea
38  cards
The Sesbses Part 3
What are the anatomical areas of ...,
Two parts of the external ear,
Auricle pinna
22  cards
Endocrine System Part 1
How does the endocrine communicat...,
Where are the organs of the endoc...,
There are two types of glands in ...
20  cards
Endocrine System Part 2
What are the two parts of the pit...,
What is the adenohypophysis,
What is nerohypophysis
38  cards
Chapter 10 Part 3
Two separate adrenal glands,
Location of adrenal cortex and ad...,
Hormones secreted by the three ce...
16  cards
Endocrine System Part 3
Location and size of pancreatic i...,
Two important types of cells in t...,
Hormone secreted by beta cells
44  cards
Chapter 1 Test
Means the study of the function o...,
Five organizational levels of a l...,
17  cards
Chapter 2 Chapter Test
Molecules are made of of particle...,
Positively charged particles with...,
Electrons inhabit regions of the ...
42  cards
Chapter 4 Test
Another term for voluntary muscle,
Nervous system can generate speci...,
Accessory structures of the skin
18  cards
Chapter 5 Test
Epithelial membranes are usually ...,
The membrane lining the interior ...,
The membrane covering the organs ...
19  cards
Chapter 6 Test
The hollow area in the shaft of l...,
The needle like threads of spongy...,
The structural units of compact b...
15  cards
Chapter 7 test
Cardiac muscle makes up the bulk ...,
The muscle attachment to them or ...,
The muscle attachment to the more...
19  cards
Chapter 8 test
Name of the nervous system divisi...,
A group of peripheral our sons bu...,
Two types of cells found in the n...
33  cards
Chapter 9 test
The specific mechanoreceptors for...,
The specific mcanoreceptors for b...,
The gustatory cells are involved ...
25  cards
Chapter 10 Test
__________ glands that are ductle...,
The two major classes of hormones...,
A cell or body organ that has rec...
21  cards
Cranial Nerves
Optic nerve conducts impulses,
Oculomotor nerve conducts impulses,
Trochlear nerve conducts impulses
22  cards
Nervous System
Major difference between afferent...,
Interneurons account for how many...,
Outtermost membrane of schwann ce...
48  cards
General senses,
Special sense
25  cards
13  cards

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