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Pc concentrations drops to,
Glycogen stores,
Fatigue 2
32  cards
Anaerobic glycolytic system
Where does the energy for phospho...,
Power vs capacity and timeline of...,
When does the anaerobic glycolyti...
80  cards
Human Energy Transfer
Energy transfer
42  cards
Atp pc system,
2 pathways of atp pc,
Max speed in a sprint
32  cards
Aerobic/Oxidative system
Aerobic oxidative system,
Diff between anaerobic and aerobi...,
How does fat enter glycolysis
134  cards
Measuring Energy Expenditure
Calorimetry measures,
Basic unit of heat,
Function of a calorie
52  cards
Efficiency and Economy
Efficiency and economy measure
40  cards
Recovery from fatigue,
What remains elevated post exercise,
2 phases of epoc
36  cards
Intro to Ex Phys
Exercise physiology,
Why study ex phys according to th...,
Why study ex phys 2
55  cards
Body composition
3 things that are considered to b...,
Body composition can give you,
Why can t you say that a person n...
79  cards
CV system and exercise
3 parts of the cv system,
4 functions of the cv system,
High vo2 max and sufficient vascu...
169  cards
Respiratory system and exercise
Pulmonary ventilation,
External respiration,
Internal respiration
129  cards
Respiratory system and exercise 2
Importance of vt lt,
At is correlated with,
Thresholds can be used for 2
39  cards
Neuromuscular system and exercise
Neuromuscular system,
Muscle contraction,
Proprioceptors are in the
223  cards
Neuromuscular system and exercise cont.
Resistance training,
Csep and rt,
Acsm and rt
98  cards
Temps for humans,
Core body temperature
98  cards
Low altitude,
Mod altitude,
High altitude
38  cards

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