famous things in psychology

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Alfred adler,
Mary ainsworth,
Gordon allport
44  cards
Ivan pavlov s experiments,
John b watson and rosalie rayner,
Solomon asch s conformity experim...
18  cards
Social Psychology People
Aronson e linder,
Gain loss principle,
Asch s
20  cards
Social psychology things
Role theory,
Cognitive theory,
Consistency theories
62  cards
Developmental Psychology
Ainsworth m,
Baumrind d,
Bowlb j
18  cards
Developmental Psychology things
Cross sectional studies,
Longitudinal study,
Sequential cohort study
75  cards
Personality and Abnormal Psychology People
Alder a,
Allport g,
Bandura a
26  cards
Personality things
Somatotype personality,
Psychodynamic psychoanalytic theory
66  cards
Abnormal Psychology People
A beck,
E bleuler,
D dix
11  cards
Abnormal Psychology Things
Axis i,
Axis ii,
Axis iii
65  cards
Sensation and Perception
What is the jnd,
What did sir francis galton do,
What did gestal psychology contri...
133  cards
People in Sensation and Perception
Bekesy g,
15  cards
Neuro/physiological Psychology
What was one of the early theorie...,
First studies used what to study ...,
What did william james contribute
112  cards
Neuro/physiological people
P broca,
W cannon,
E kandel
13  cards
Research Methods
Independent variable,
Dependent variable,
What is the difference between a ...
108  cards
Distal stimlulus,
Proximal stimulus,
52  cards
Random things
Describe the flynn effect,
Iq score levels,
What is mental retradation
4  cards
What are the main monoamines,
What are some examples of anipsyc...
7  cards

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famous things in psychology

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