foundations 310

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Florence nightingale,
Dorthea dix,
Clara barton
11  cards
Asepsis and Infection
What are 2 types of asepsis techn...,
What is the single easiest interv...,
Put the 6 links in the chain of i...
34  cards
What 2 things maintain mobility,
Moving a joint toward the midline,
Moving a joint away from the midline
56  cards
What are 3 nursing related functi...,
What are other functions of the p...,
When will insurance not reimburse...
31  cards
What are the physical benefits of...,
What are psychological benefits o...,
This bath cleanses soothes and re...
37  cards
Patient Education
3 places nurses do patient education,
Primary prevention and examples,
Secondary prevention and examples
23  cards
3 functions of carbohydrates,
Normal cbg rangers fasting and 2 ...,
7 fxns facilitated by proteins
86  cards
Nursing Process
4 skills necessary to performs th...,
6 phases of nursing process,
What happens during assessment phase
90  cards
5 functions of skin,
2 parts of skin that help with pr...,
How does skin help with metabolism
100  cards
Infant age and car seat,
Toddlers age and car sear,
Young children age and car seat
29  cards
Sensory Perception
What is sensory perception,
What is perception,
What facilitates sensory perception
33  cards
Sleep and Rest
Sleep latency,
3 things to consider for sleep he...,
Consequences of poor sleep
50  cards
Infection Prevention
5 non specific natural defenses w...,
57  cards
Community and Home
0  cards
When do you hear crackles what ar...,
When do you hear rhonchi what doe...,
Wheeze cause sounds when hear
31  cards
Therapeutic communication
0  cards
Normal urinary output rate,
What does urine color indicate,
Normal urine clarity
58  cards
What is meconium,
What is newborn stool color depen...,
When do you develop duodenocolic ...
75  cards
Fluid and Electrolyte
How much of us is fluid,
What is osmolality,
What is osmolarity
134  cards
Functions of acid base balance,
What controls co2,
What controls bicarbonate
57  cards
Culture and Diversity
The acute experience of not compr...,
What is a key informant,
What allows for a level playing f...
11  cards
Normal serum osmolarity range,
Potassium range,
Sodium range
11  cards
An unpleasant sensory or emotiona...,
Is pain a vital sign,
Is pain subjective
59  cards
What is allopathic medicine,
What is integrative health,
What does cam stand for
18  cards
Theory and Ethics
4 components of nursing conceptua...,
What is nursing theory,
4 concepts person
38  cards
Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety
Quality is viewed on a ___________,
Characteristics of quality care,
Safety is defined as
16  cards
Cognitive Process
The systematic way a person think...,
What does cognition require,
What part of brain coordinates co...
78  cards
Psychosocial Coping
What is stress,
What is appraisal related to stress
50  cards

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