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Decks in this class (15)

Restless Earth
Constructive plate boundary,
Destructive plate boundary,
Conservative plate boundary
53  cards
The Challenge Of Resource Management
Resource management,
61  cards
Hornsea Fieldwork: Physical Enquiry
Physical hypothesis,
Explain how the focus of your phy...,
Assess the suitability of the cho...
11  cards
Urban Issues and Challenges: Rio
Why are megacities on the rise,
Opportunities in megacities
11  cards
Urban Issues and Challenges: UK
Urban population,
Why is urbanisation occurring at ...,
Push factors
55  cards
The Challenge of Natural Hazards: Atmospheric Hazards
Global atmospheric circulation,
53  cards
Physical Landscapes UK: River Landscapes and Processes
Hydrological cycle,
63  cards
The Challenge of Natural Hazards: Tectonic Hazards
Natural hazard,
Examples of geological hazards,
Examples of meteorological hazards
41  cards
The Living World: Tropical Rainforests
Characteristics of biomes tropica...,
Shrub layer,
Layers of the tropical forest und...
46  cards
The Changing Economic World: Development
What is development,
Describe the methods of classifyi...,
Describe the methods of classifyi...
16  cards
The Changing Economic World: Nigeria Case Study
Where is nigeria located,
What is the global importance of ...,
How important is nigeria to africa
21  cards
The Changing Economic World: Economy Of The UK
What is de industrialisation,
Why has de industrialisation occu...,
What is a post industrial economy
41  cards
The Living World: Ecosystems
What is an ecosystem,
23  cards
The Living World: Hot Deserts
Characteristics of hot deserts,
What are desert soils like,
How are plants adapted
22  cards
Physical Landscapes UK: Coastal Landscapes and Processes
How do waves form,
The size of waves depend on
59  cards

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