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2) Changing Climates
What is happening to the climate ...,
Signs that climate is getting warmer,
How is evidence collected for cli...
47  cards
7) UK In The 21st Century
Population trends in the uk since...,
Overall increase in uk population...,
Increase in people born outside u...
83  cards
3) Distinctive Landscapes - Also See Book
How are waterfalls formed,
How are gorges formed,
How is a v shaped valley formed
106  cards
7) The Balti Triangle, Birmingham
Where is the balti triangle,
Why is it so famous,
Why is it socially diverse
13  cards
7) The Ukraine
Why is there conflict in ukraine,
Where is ukraine,
Who s side are we on
14  cards
7) Bristol
Why is bristol a place of interest,
National average of ethnic minori...,
Percentage of ethnic minorities i...
7  cards
3) The Dorset Coast
What are the white cliffs made from,
How is an arch formed,
Example of a bay in dorset coast
28  cards
3) The River Tees, North East England
Where is the river tees,
Where is the mouth,
Features of the upper course
23  cards
5) Urban Futures
What is a conurbation,
What is the function of a place,
Characteristics of an urban area 5
80  cards
3) Dorest Coast, Southern England
Why do we study hengistbury head,
Where is it,
Why should it be protected 4
19  cards
5) Leeds, North East England
What is leeds famous for 3,
Where is leeds situated,
What conurbation is it in
33  cards
5) Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina and Pro Huerta
How far is rosario from the capital,
Year of riots,
Why did riots take place
42  cards
4) Sustaining Ecosystems - TRF
What does abiotic mean,
What does biotic mean,
What is a biome
115  cards
4) Yanchana eco-lodge, Amazon Rainforest, Ecuador
Where is yanchana lodge,
How big is the yanchana lodge res...,
How does yanchana lodge benefit t...
8  cards
4) Marine wildlife area, Baffin island, Northern Canada
What is the name of the sanctuary,
What are the threats to the bowhe...,
3 examples of whales that have be...
14  cards
4) Antarctic treaty 1959
How many countries are part of th...,
What is the treaty focused on,
What is the maximum amount of vis...
8  cards
Typhoon Haiyan, The Philippines, 2013
How many islands are in the phili...,
Wind speed,
16  cards
1) Drought in the UK, southern England, 2012
Areas mainly affected by drought,
Causes of drought,
Economic impact
10  cards
1) Nepal earthquake 2015
What caused the quake,
What also happened near the time ...,
What date did it happen on
30  cards
1) Typhoon Haiyan, the Philippines, 2013
Causes of the typhoon,
How hot was the sea temperature,
Strength of winds
16  cards
5) South Bank Regeneration scheme, Leeds
What is hs2 and why is it good,
How much land is available,
Why is the holbeck urban village ...
7  cards
4) Sustaining Ecosystems - The Arctic and Antarctic
Flora in the arctic,
Flora in the antarctic,
Climate in the arctic
40  cards
1) Global hazards
What are the four components of t...,
Characteristics of crust 3,
What are the two types of tectoni...
124  cards
Wapping Wharf
What is wapping wharf,
How far from temple meads,
How far away is london
49  cards
8) Resource Reliance
3 basic resources we all need,
Why do we need food,
Why do we need energy 2
93  cards
6) Dynamic development
What is economic development,
What is social development,
What is environmental development
63  cards
4) Drought in the UK
When did the drought happen,
Which region was mainly affected,
What were the causes of the drought
11  cards
8) UK food security
What has happened to average calo...,
Calorie intake in 1940,
Calorie intake in 2000
22  cards
7) Oxford as an economic hub
Main hubs in oxford 3,
How many high tech companies are ...,
How many people are employed by t...
14  cards
6) Ethiopia
Gni per capita in 2015,
World average gni per capita in 2015,
53  cards

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