geography: edexel a level

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Tectonics 1.1
What are tectonic hazards,
Where do earthquakes occur,
Earthquakes found in intraplate r...
52  cards
Mount St. Helens
When did mount st helens erupt,
What had the sufficient gas disso...,
What does a lava plug do
6  cards
Tectonics 1.2
What speed do earth s tectonic pl...,
How many main tectonic plates are...,
Other than large tectonic plates ...
87  cards
Tectonics 1.3
What type of energy are earthquak...,
Where does a pulse of energy radi...,
Where is the epicentre located
91  cards
Tectonics 1.4
What is a natural hazard,
What is a disaster,
How does the un define a natural ...
42  cards
Haiti 2010
What type of plate boundary,
Mercalli scale of earthquake inte...
35  cards
Sichuan Earthquake 2008
What fraction of the victims of t...,
The ruins of beichuan are preserv...,
How far was the new beichuan town...
21  cards
Tohoku Japan 2011
How many miles east was the epice...,
What was the depth of the earthquake
52  cards
Indian Ocean Tsunami 2004
When did this tsunami occur,
Where did the earthquake happen,
What type of earthquake occurred
15  cards
Nevado del Ruiz 1985
How many deaths,
There was a year of minor,
Primary hazards
7  cards
Eyjafjallajökull 2010
How many deaths or injuries,
How many people evacuated,
How many people affected from the...
11  cards
Montserrat 1995-1997
Where is montserrat located,
How many deaths,
How long had the volcano been dor...
7  cards
Merapi,Indonesia 2010
What year did eruption occur,
What is the vei,
How many deaths
9  cards
Amatice, Italy 2016
10  cards
Gorkha, Nepal 2015
10  cards
Tectonics 1.5
What is earthquake magnitude meas...,
What does mms stand for,
The moment magnitude scale in an ...
39  cards
Tectonics 1.6
What does population growth do to...,
The u___________ and u____ s_____...,
E__________ d__________ increase ...
44  cards
Tectonics 1.7
What are the numbers of disasters...,
Give four examples of hydro met h...,
Why have hydro met hazards become...
60  cards
The Philippines
What type of zone,
It consists of over 7 600 islands...,
16  cards
Tectonic 1.8
What does prediction mean,
What scale is knowing when are wh...,
How can knowing when are where a ...
49  cards
Tectonics 1.9
What does modifying vulnerability...,
What is hi tech scientific monito...,
What is hi tech scientific monito...
30  cards
Modifying The Event Case Studies
Name four examples of earthquake ...,
In tokyo sendai what percentage o...,
What is a disadvantage to earthqu...
25  cards
Christchurch, New Zealand 2011
When was christchurch,
What is the name of new zealand s...
33  cards
Where do most earthquakes occur,
Where are most volcanoes found,
What percentage of volcanoes occu...
27  cards
1  cards
1  cards
Regenerating Places
1  cards

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