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Qui 2
Superficial to the mastoid process,
In front of the ear,
At the base of the skull
85  cards
Quiz 2 B
Lines the upper lids and is clear...,
Overlays the eyeball with the lig...,
Window of the eye permits entranc...
104  cards
Quiz 2 C
What test place tuning fork and t...,
What test normal tuning fork is h...,
What test whispered to assess for...
31  cards
Quiz 3 Nose Mouth and Throat
First segment of respiratory system,
Increases surface area so more bl...,
Nasal hairs that line the nasal c...
37  cards
Quiz 3 Thorax and Lungs A
A bony structure with a conical s...,
How many pairs of ribs are there ...,
A musculotendinous septum that se...
69  cards
Quiz 3 Thorax and Lungs B
Is a high pitched inspiratory cro...,
An outward curvature of the thora...,
Equal anteroposterior to transver...
67  cards
Charting Terms A
Large and extends outward,
Hard board like,
Soft flabby
86  cards
Charting Terms B
Region over temple,
Back of head
76  cards
Quiz 3 Chapter 18 Thorax and Lungs Abnormalities
Ribs are horizontal instead of th...,
Sunken sternum and adjacent carti...,
Forward protrusion of the sternum...
29  cards
Quiz 3 Chapter 16 A Nose, Mouth and Throat
Inspection of the nasal mucosa of...,
When examining the mouth and thro...,
What question would you ask to de...
59  cards
Quiz 3 Chapter 16 B Nose, Mouth, and Throat
What nerves control the gag reflex,
What nerve causes a midline tongue,
Cn xii is also known as
50  cards
Quiz 3 Chapter 18 no pic lungs and thorax
Suprasternal notch sternum manubr...,
Important for listening for heart...,
Vertebra prominens ___ feel the b...
26  cards
Quiz 3 Thorax and Lungs extras
High pitch loud during inspiratio...,
Moderate pitch moderate amplitude...,
Low pitch soft amplitude heard du...
30  cards
breast and regional lyphatics ch17 (EDITED)
0  cards
Atrial VS venous insufficiency (EDITED)
0  cards
quiz 4 a breast and lymph (EDITED)
0  cards
Ch 19 B (EDITED ) heart
0  cards
Ch 17 AD breast __Last (EDITED)
0  cards
Chapter 17 AA Breast and Regional Lymphatics - Sheet1
0  cards
peripheral - Sheet1
0  cards
peripheral B (EDITED)
Gastrocnemius is the,
__ arteries is just below the ing...,
Compress of the gastrocnemius mus...
60  cards

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