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Lecture 1
What is the who definition of health,
According to bauman what are the ...,
According to blaxter what are the...
25  cards
Tutorial 1.
What does r represent,
What is correlation research,
What are the advantages and disad...
14  cards
Lecture 2
Why do we use a scientific approa...,
What as an example of an ethical ...,
What is an example of a natural c...
28  cards
Lecture 3
Why is it important to understand...,
What is the importance of underst...,
What does the pns divide up to
28  cards
Lecture 5
What is sensation,
What is perception,
What are examples of perception
40  cards
Lecture 4
What is the target in the brain o...,
What is ecstasy,
What are other names for ecstasy
50  cards
Tutorial 2.
What is the definition of intoxic...,
What is the definition of withdrawal,
What is the definition of tolerance
47  cards
Lecture 6
What is the bottom up process of ...,
What is the top down process of p...,
What is perceptual organisation
35  cards
Lecture 7
What is consciousness,
What are daydreams,
How do you learn about the normal...
45  cards
Tutorial 3.
What is pain,
What is the traditional biomedica...,
What sort of reaction of pain
39  cards
Pop Quiz 1
What is a study called in which n...,
What does it mean if two items ar...,
Which research method is high in ...
14  cards
Lecture 8
What are some conditions causing ...,
What are the 8 potential reasons ...,
What does recent research on slee...
23  cards
Lecture 9
What is learning,
What is classical conditioning,
What is reflex in classical condi...
74  cards
Tutorial 4
What is conditioning,
What is an unconditioned response,
What are some examples of ucs
46  cards
Lecture 10
What is cognition,
What two things is cognition char...,
What is the relationship between ...
70  cards
Tutorial 5
What happens when you are awake,
What happens when you are relaxed...,
What is shown on the eeg when you...
58  cards
Pop Quiz 2
What is the typical range for cor...,
When dr fernandezs experiment was...,
Which of the following statements...
20  cards
Lecture 11
What are the three processes of m...,
What is the encoding process in m...,
What do the levels of processing ...
89  cards
Lecture 12
What are the three memory systems,
What is infantile amnesia,
What can infants remember
62  cards

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