higher geography

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Glacial erosional features
Corrie formation,
Arete formation,
Pyramidal peak
12  cards
Brown forest,
Tundra gley,
Podzol properties
6  cards
Drainage basin
Movement of water in a drainage b...,
Human factors affecting hydrologi...,
Physical factors affecting the hy...
3  cards
Conflicts in LDNP
Conflict walkers leaving gates op...,
Congestion on narrow roads and in...,
Noise pollution and wake causing ...
6  cards
Impact of RLD
Impact on people and environment,
Impact on the environment,
5  cards
Management of RLD
Store lines magic stones,
Movable fencing
7  cards
Methods and Problems with gathering population data
Vital registrations,
13  cards
Voluntary migration
Main push factors reason to leave...,
Main pull factors why to come to uk,
Positive impact on poland donor
4  cards
Indicators for development and health
Economic indicator gdp per capita,
Economic indicator gnp per capita,
Economic indicator gni per capita
12  cards
Differences between countries - Development and health
11  cards
Causes of malaria,
Impact of malaria,
Management of malaria
13  cards
Coastal features
Formation of a stack,
Formation of a spit,
Hydraulic pressure
13  cards
Forced migration
Causes of migration push factors ...,
Causes of migration pull factors ...,
Impact on donor country syria
4  cards
Primary Healthcare
Barefoot doctors,
Oral rehydration therapy ort,
Vaccination programmes
6  cards
Consequences of rapidly growing population
National income,
Active working population,
Active cohort
5  cards
Consequences of Ageing population Structure
Life expectancy,
Aged dependant,
Demand for services
6  cards
Global heat budget
Curvature of the earth s effect,
Thickness depth of the atmosphere,
4  cards
Redistribution of energy by atmospheric and oceanic circulation
Atmospheric circulation,
Oceanic circulation in the atlantic
2  cards
Causes of ITCZ
Cause of itcz
1  cards
Characteristics of ITCZ
Tropical maritime mt,
Tropical continental ct
2  cards
Impact of ITCZ
Variation in rainfall in africa j...
1  cards
Glasgow - need for development of housing
Old houses,
Increased population,
Ageing population
5  cards
Glasgow - need for development of transport
Traffic congestion,
Old narrow roads,
Grid iron street pattern
6  cards
Glasgow - housing management strategies and impact
Tenement style,
Energy efficient homes,
7  cards
Glasgow - transport management strategies and impact
Converting city centre streets to...,
Park and ride schemes,
Modernising the subway
6  cards
Rio de Janerio - need for management of housing
11  cards
Rio de Janerio - need for management of transport
Increasing development,
High levels of air and noise poll...
4  cards
Rio de Janerio - management strategies and impact of housing
Self help schemes,
Legalising ownership of land
6  cards
Rio de Janerio - transport management strategies and impact
Buses bus rapid transit brt corri...,
Yellow line express,
Public buses
8  cards
Factors affecting soil formation
3  cards
Formation of hydrosphere
Formation of a waterfall,
Formation of a meander,
Formation of a oxbow lake
4  cards
Human impacts of hydrological cycle
4  cards
Different stages of development
Selling low value primary goods a...
8  cards

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