history igcse (cie) international relations, 1919-39

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Aims of the Big Three at Paris
Who were the big three at the par...,
What job had wilson held before b...,
What is an idealist
35  cards
Which leader got what they wanted?
Who disagreed over the saar and t...,
Who got their way on the saar and...,
Who got their way on eastern europe
12  cards
Treaty of Versailles
What happened to germanys armed f...,
What happened to the rhineland,
What happened to germanys 11 colo...
19  cards
The Other Peace Treaties
Which treaty dealt with austria,
Which treaty dealt with hungary,
Which treaty dealt with bulgaria
18  cards
How did Germany react to the Treaty of Versailles?
When were the terms of the treaty...,
What was the general reaction amo...,
Why did germans see the reduction...
12  cards
The impact of the Treaty of Versailles on Germany
Which attempted coup violent over...,
Who exploited hatred of the treaty,
What has historian zara steiner a...
16  cards
Was the Treaty of Versailles fair?
How was the treaty greeted in bri...,
Did any ordinary people in britai...,
Why did some people think the ger...
10  cards
The birth of the League
What was the primary aim of the l...,
What did the league not have,
Why did the usa fail to join the ...
11  cards
Membership of the League
Who were the two most powerful na...,
Who were the original permanent m...,
Why were britain and france poorl...
8  cards
The League of Nations Commissions
What was a mandate,
What was the mandates commission,
Why was the mandates commission n...
26  cards
Organisation of the League
What was the council,
In 1920 who were the permanent me...,
Were the permanent members the on...
10  cards
Border Disputes in the early 1920s
Who was arguing over the aaland i...,
When was the aaland islands disag...,
What was aaland island disagreeme...
11  cards
Corfu Incident (1923)
Why was the corfu incident of 192...,
What triggered the incident,
What was the name of the italian ...
13  cards
The Geneva Protocol
What was the geneva protocol draw...,
When was the geneva protocol draw...,
What problem did the corfu incide...
7  cards
Bulgaria (1925)
What triggered the greek invasion...,
What did greece do in response to...,
What did bulgaria do when greece ...
10  cards
How successful was the League in the 1920s?
0  cards
The impact of the Wall Street Crash
When did the wall street crash ha...,
Why did the depression make the l...,
Why did countries increase tariff...
12  cards
The Manchurian Crisis (1931-33)
How did the depression affect japan,
What triggered the manchurian cri...,
What did the attack on the south ...
15  cards
Disarmament in the 1920s and 1930s
Why was disarmament considered to...,
Why was disarmament important to ...,
What was agreed in 1921 at the wa...
15  cards
Background to the Abyssinian Crisis (1935-1936)
Why was abyssinia unusual in 1930...,
Who ruled abyssinia,
How much economic value did abyss...
12  cards
Events of the Abyssinian Crisis (1935-36)
What event triggered the crisis,
Where was the wal wal oasis,
After the wal wal oasis incident ...
52  cards
Hitler's Foreign Policy Aims
What were hitlers main foreign po...,
Where had hitler laid out his ideas,
What did hitler believe about the...
11  cards
Historians' views on why the League failed
What did ajp taylor was the main ...,
What did ta morris argue about th...,
What did historian james joll arg...
4  cards
What was one of the first things ...,
Who did he draft into the army first,
Why did he draft unemployed worke...
17  cards
The Saar plebiscite
What had been agreed about the sa...,
What was held in the saar in 1935,
What is a plebiscite
10  cards
The remilitarisation of the Rhineland (1936)
When did the remilitarisation of ...,
Had the rhineland been taken away...,
What is meant by demilitarised
19  cards
The Spanish Civil War (1936-39)
When did the spanish civil war begin,
What were the two sides in the ci...,
Who supported the republicans
23  cards
Anti-Comintern Pact (1936)
Who signed the anti comintern pac...,
What was the official reason for ...,
What was the real reason for the ...
8  cards
Anschluss with Austria (1938)
What successes had hitler had in ...,
What did hitler believe about aus...,
What does anschluss mean
38  cards
The League of Nations (1936-46)
Did the league cease in 1936 afte...,
On which key issues during the la...,
What did france and britain do du...
7  cards
The Sudentenland (Part 1 - March-August 1938)
Who was the leader of czechoslovakia,
Why was benes horrified at in mar...,
What did benes predict in march 1938
20  cards
The Sudetenland (Part II - September-October 1938)
Throughout the summer of 1938 wha...,
When did the problem of czechoslo...,
Who was prime minister of britain...
33  cards
The Nazi-Soviet Pact (23 Aug 1938)
Since when had hitler been concer...,
Why had stalin been fixated on th...,
What had stalin done in 1934 in a...
29  cards

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