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Unit 2 Exam
What charge does an electron have,
What charge does a proton have,
What charge does a neutron have
59  cards
Unit 3
Difference between prokaryotes an...,
What are the organelles all cells...,
What does a membrane do
62  cards
Unit 3 - Membrane/Cells test
What are the three animal kingdoms,
What are the six kingdoms of,
What are the taxonomic groups in ...
19  cards
Cellular Respiration
What is the first step of celular...,
Where does glycolysis take place,
Is glycolysis anaerobic or aerobic
38  cards
What organisms can do photosynthesis,
What pigment captures light,
What light does chlorophyll absorb
24  cards
Photosynthesis (for Exam)
What do the xylem transport,
What do the phloem transport,
Where do the light reactions happen
16  cards
Digestion (Digestive System)
What is the order of where food g...,
What does the mouth do,
What does the esophagus do
9  cards
Urinary System
What is the order of the urinary ...,
What does the kidney do,
What do the ureter do
14  cards
Lab Stuff
What does the eyepiece do,
What is the arm of the microscope,
What is the revolving nosepiece
13  cards
Random Important Shit
What are covalent bonds,
What are nonpolar covalent bonds,
What are hydrogen bonds
7  cards
Respiration System
What happens during inhalation,
Exhalation is passive,
The more co2 in the blood the mor...
19  cards
Circulatory System
What is blood made up of,
How thick are capillaries,
Are pulmonary arteries oxygenated
10  cards
Immune System
What is a pathogen,
What is an antigen,
What are naive white blood cells
18  cards
Mitosis + Meiosis
Somatic vs gametes,
Somatic vs gametes cells,
What are all stages of mitosis
43  cards
Reproductive system
Advantages and disadvantages of a...,
Advantages and disadvantages of s...,
What is mitosis for
14  cards
Male Reproductive System
What do the testes do,
What does the epididymus do,
What is spermatogenesis
14  cards
Female Reproduce System
What does estrogen do where does ...,
What is oogenesis,
What is the corona radiata
22  cards
Aesexual Reproducfion
What is parthenogenesis,
What is binary fission,
What is budding
9  cards
Endocrine System
What does the pineal gland do,
What does melatonin do,
What does the thyroid gland do
37  cards
HIV/Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
Can drinking alcohol cause facial...,
What is fetal alcohol syndrome,
Are defects caused by fetal alcoh...
14  cards
What is the vitreous humor,
What is the lens,
What is the cornea
18  cards
Flower Reproduction
What are some characteristics of ...,
Symplast vs apoplast,
What are plasmodesmata
29  cards
Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Project
First slide,
First slide box one,
First slide box two
11  cards

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