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Laboratory Activity 1 – Instrumentation in Serology
104  cards
Laboratory Activity 2 – Concepts of Quality Control and Safety in Serologic Testing
The of serologic test results are...,
There are various factors in the ...,
To ensure the reliability of resu...
136  cards
Laboratory Activity 3a – Basic Concepts of Antigen, Antibody, and Complement
A substance with the ability to c...,
The ability of the antigen to rea...,
The ability to provoke an immune ...
176  cards
Laboratory Activity 3b – Principle of Antigen-Antibody Reaction
Categories of serologic tests 1 t...,
Antigen antibody reactions,
Forces that participate in antibo...
34  cards
Laboratory Activity 3c – Principles of Serologic Reactions
Antibodies that aggregate cellula...,
Antibodies that form precipitates...,
Antibodies that neutralize toxins
142  cards
Laboratory Activity 4 – Specimen Collection and Processing
Basic to laboratory testing are the,
Is the general specimen collected...,
May also be used for serologic te...
36  cards
Laboratory Activity 5 – Antibody Titration
S the process of diluting the pat...,
The patient s serum is added with...,
As dilution progresses the amount...
34  cards
Laboratory Activities 6 and 7 – Widal Test
Is a pathologic process brought a...,
An example of febrile illness is ...,
Widal test is a method that quali...
33  cards
Laboratory Activities 8, 9 and 10 – Non-specific tests for Syphilis: VDRL and RPR
Is a contagious sexually transmit...,
This spirochete causes an immune ...,
A phospholipid derived from beef ...
136  cards
Laboratory Activity 11 – C-Reactive Protein Determination
0  cards
Laboratory Activity 12 – Rheumatoid Factor Determination
Is a chronic disease that affects...,
Most individuals affected experie...,
As the disease progresses other o...
26  cards
Laboratory Activities 13 and 14 – Anti-Streptolysin O Determination
0  cards
Laboratory Activities 15 and 16 – Determination of HBsAg and Anti-HBs
Hav antibodies,
Hbv antigens,
Hbv antibodies
22  cards
Laboratory Activity 17 – Determination of Anti-HIV 1/2
Aids human retrovirus,
Ss rna,
Reverse transcriptase
81  cards
3A, 3B
Only part of an organism binds,
Self or non self o presence and a...,
Pathogenic or non pathogenic o ex...
79  cards
Primary Hepatitis Viruses
Family picornaviridae and the gen...,
Complete hbv that causes infection
54  cards

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