level 3 vrq beauty therapy

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The Endocrine System
How are hormones transported arou...,
What are hormones,
List the three types of hormones
39  cards
Skeletal System
Name the five types of bone found...,
Describe a long bone,
Describe a short bone
35  cards
Muscular System
Name the 3 types of muscle tissue,
State the functions of the muscul...,
What is smooth muscle tissue also...
25  cards
Muscles Of The Face
19  cards
The Cardiovascular System
Name the basic structure of the c...,
Name the main circuits of the car...,
Define blood pressure
9  cards
Actions of the Arm Muscles
Biceps brachii,
11  cards
Action of the Torso Muscles
Splenius capitis
19  cards
What colour is arterial blood rel...,
What colour is venous blood relat...,
How many litres of blood are ther...
15  cards
Blood Vessels
Name the main arteries of the fac...,
Describe the structure of an artery,
Name the main veins of the face h...
32  cards
The Heart
Describe the hearts location,
How many chambers are within the ...,
Name the 2 lower chambers of the ...
15  cards
Lymphatic System Revision
Name the two main ducts found in ...,
List the functions of the lymphat...,
What is the main function of a ly...
27  cards
Lymph Nodes of the Face
Locate lymph nodes of the face
13  cards
Lymph Nodes of the Body
Locate lymph nodes of the body
4  cards
The Nervous System
The nervous system works with whi...,
What is the function of the nervo...,
List the structure of the nervous...
33  cards
The Digestive System
What are the functions of the dig...,
What nutrients are essential for ...,
Name the 2 types of carbohydrates
14  cards
The Renal System
What is the function of the renal...,
List the structure of the renal s...,
Where are the kidneys located
28  cards
The Reproductive System
0  cards
Facial Electrical
Name the 2 types of galvanic curr...,
What type of current is galvanic,
What does ems stand for
39  cards
Galvanic Facial Electrical
Name the type of current used in ...,
Explain what a direct current is,
What are the basic laws of polarity
14  cards
High Frequency Facial Treatment
Name the two types of techniques ...,
Explain what is meant by direct h...,
Explain what is meant by indirect...
22  cards
What is micro current also common...,
What was microcurrent originally ...,
How does microcurrent work
21  cards
Vacuum Suction
What is the name of the glass cup...,
What is the primary function of v...,
In which direction do you move th...
20  cards
EMS Faradic
What does ems stand for,
What type of nerve cell is stimul...,
What is the primary use of ems
30  cards
Postural Analysis
How would you recognise kyphosis,
How would you recognise a lordosis,
How would you recognise scoliosis
16  cards
Body Electrical
What range of low frequency direc...,
What is the maximum time limit fo...,
What is the recommended maximum p...
10  cards
Body Massage
Which one of the following is a p...,
Which one of the following is the...,
If a client wants an uplifting st...
51  cards
The Respiratory System
0  cards
Anatomical Positions and Movements
Decreasing of the angle between t...,
Increasing of the angle between t...,
Movement of the vertebral column ...
3  cards
Body Movements
20  cards
Health & Safety
Health and safety at work act,
The workplace health safety and w...,
The manual handlings operations r...
11  cards
Micro Dermabrasion
0  cards
Hot Stone Massage
What are marble stones composed of,
What colour are basalt stones,
A cool box is used for which stones
10  cards
Indian Head Massage
Which one of the following best d...,
Which one of the following is an ...,
Which one of the following is a c...
24  cards
Indian Head Massage Mediums
This massage medium is the tradit...,
This traditional indian head mass...,
This is a semi solid massage medi...
17  cards
Unit 307 Body Electrotherapy
What muscle groups is located on ...,
What chemical is produced under t...,
Describe a galvanic electrical cu...
19  cards
Unit 307 Body Electrotherapy Revision 2
What do you use to assess a clien...,
Areas of the body needing caution...,
G5 is carried out in a certain di...
21  cards
Health and Safety Revision
What are the employee s responsib...,
Which one of the following is the...,
Why is it important to maintain g...
14  cards
Health and Safety RIDDOR
What is riddor,
What does riddor require you to do,
True or falseit is a legal requir...
13  cards
Health and Safety: Fire Precautions Act and Regulations
Under this act the employer is re...,
All premises must have adequate m...,
All must be clearly marke
24  cards
Health and Safety: Risk Assessments
Why should a risk assessment be c...,
Describe hazard,
Describe risk
20  cards
Outline your employees duties und...,
If data is stored on a computer w...,
What is the information commissio...
14  cards
Health and Safety: Insurance
Within the hair and beauty indust...,
What is the purpose of insurance,
Describe public liability insurance
11  cards

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