mlt-mls spring 2023

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Parasitology Arthropods
Which of the following are the st...,
Which of the following are the st...,
Mechanical vs biological vectors ...
51  cards
Parasitology Nematodes
What is the mouth of a nematode k...,
What is the exterior of a nematod...,
What is a pregnant female nematod...
164  cards
Parasitology Cestodes
Give the scientific name dwarf ta...,
Give the scientific name rat tape...,
Give the scientific name beef tap...
30  cards
Molecular Diagnostics
Terminology method that allow us ...,
The dna sequencing method develop...,
Other names for direct sequencing 2
21  cards
Parasitology Introduction
Definition the study of relations...,
Definition describes the relation...,
Type of symbiosis both parasite a...
54  cards
Immunologic Principles Related to Blood Bank
What is the ultimate role of immu...,
Intravascular hemolysis,
Which causes immediate problems i...
71  cards
ABO Blood Groups
Most important blood group system,
Only blood group system in which ...,
What are the 4 major phenotypes o...
81  cards
Genetics Related to Immunohematology
How many autosome pairs are in a ...,
Each nucleus is composed of how m...,
Sex chromosome for female
36  cards
ABO Discrepancies
Forward type and reverse type not...,
True or false aborh testing is co...,
Why is a reverse type not done on...
67  cards
Direct Antiglobulin Test (DAT)
Reagent used in dat and iat to de...,
What is an older name for ahg,
Detects antibodies or complement ...
30  cards
Indirect Antiglobulin Test (IAT)
Two stage testing procedure desig...,
True or false iat does not requir...,
Factors that affect antibody join...
21  cards
Molecular Diagnositics Intro & History
Definition detection of specific ...,
Discovered basic laws of inheritance,
Used pus from bandages for experi...
10  cards
Molecular Diagnostics Nucleic Acid & Chromosome Structure
What does dna stand for,
What is the purpose of dna,
Where the majority of dna is found
93  cards
Molecular Diagnostics Replication, Transcription, and Translation
What is the central dogma of mole...,
Who proposed the central dogma of...,
What is reverse transcription
27  cards
Molecular Diagnostics Nucleic Acid Extraction & Quantitation
What can rna and dna be used for 4,
Dna or rna relatively stable long...,
Dna or rna small unstable easily ...
20  cards
Molecular Diagnostics Nucleic Acid Amplification by PCR
Who invented pcr,
Terminology produces many copies ...,
Terminology one copy of target dn...
35  cards
Molecular Diagnostics Detection of Nucleic Acids: Electrophoresis
Terminology movement of molecules...,
True or false anions travel towar...,
True or false cations positively ...
29  cards
Molecular Diagnostics Signal & Probe Amplification
Major difference between target a...,
2 methods of signal amplification,
Signal amplification method that ...
17  cards
Molecular Diagnostics Hybridization-Based Techniques
Terminology when 2 single strande...,
Which of the following can hybrid...,
True or false for hybridization t...
36  cards
Molecular Diagnostics DNA Sequencing
Terminology method that allows us...,
True or false dna sequencing appl...,
What are the 3 major methods of d...
23  cards
Molecular Diagnostics DNA Fingerprinting
What percent of the human genome ...,
Dna fingerprinting is also known ...,
Applications for dna fingerprinti...
20  cards
Molecular Diagnostics Exam 3
Definition all the genes found in...,
True or false humans have 2 copie...,
Definition genetic dna compositio...
131  cards
Blood Bank Exam 3
Terminology blood unit collected ...,
Terminology blood collected and l...,
Terminology collection of blood f...
142  cards
Blood Bank Exam 4
What type of reaction fever 2 deg...,
How can a febrile transfusion rea...,
What type of hemolysis occurs in ...
7  cards
Immunohematology Final Lab Practical (Labs 7-14)
At which phase of testing do most...,
Why is it important to match the ...,
If polyspecific ahg is used for a...
38  cards

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