mn state cosmetology boards prep

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Chemical Texturizing
The main ingredient in an acid wa...,
When performing an alkaline wave ...,
The chemical phase of perms inclu...
133  cards
MN State Cosmetology Boards Exam Prep Mixed Questions
_______________ is the study and ...,
A healthy mind and body effective...,
_____________ can be prevented by...
586  cards
When mixing two primary colors in...,
What are the three primary pure c...,
A mixture of blue and what color ...
90  cards
Salon Ecology
_________ is the study of bacteria,
Another term that means the same ...,
Bacterial cells that are harmless...
56  cards
Anatomy and Physiology
______________ is the area of sci...,
What there basic parts of cells a...,
The ___________ is the control ce...
78  cards
Light heat chemical and magnetic ...,
Material that best transports ele...,
Since silver and copper transmit ...
35  cards
The term used to describe anythin...,
Rusting of a nail is an example o...,
Melting ice changes water to a so...
47  cards
Human hair protects both from ___...,
The technical term for the study ...,
When looking through a microscope...
73  cards
Design Decisions
Three things to consider in desig...,
What is considered the standard p...,
When analyzing _______________ co...
36  cards
The foundation of every haircut i...,
____________ lines are parallel t...,
The lines in haircutting that cre...
45  cards
Wigs and Hair Additions
The most common types of human ha...,
The type of human hair that is ge...,
Generally hair from india is ____...
29  cards
The Study of Nails
The primary purpose of the free e...,
The nail bed is attached to the b...,
Attached at the base of the nail ...
70  cards
The Study of Skin
Healthy skin requires special car...,
What is the technical term for th...,
The outer protective layer of ski...
120  cards
The process of combing wet hair i...,
What movement is created when two...,
The diameter of the tool or pincu...
80  cards

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