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Amino Acids
Amino Acids
60  cards
CH 10: Protein Sorting & Vesicular Trafficking - (Key Terms)
The golgi compartment within whic...,
The region of the golgi apparatus...,
The degradation of cytoplasmic pr...
42  cards
CH 9: The Nucleus - (Key Terms)
21  cards
CH 9: The Nucleus - (Quiz Mode)
Small gtp binding protein involve...,
Large structure forming a transpo...,
Decondensed transcriptionally act...
19  cards
CH 10: Protein Sorting & Vesicular Trafficking - (Quiz Mode)
The region of the erfrom which pr...,
A modified mannose residue that t...,
The compartments of the golgi stack
44  cards
CH 16: The Cell Cycle - (Key Terms)
Anaphase promoting complex cyclos...,
72  cards
RAT #25 - Overview of Mitosis, Meiosis, + the Cell Cycle
What type of cell division is res...,
In a cell w 4 chromosomes how man...,
Mitosis does not produce which of...
10  cards
RAT #24 - Cell Cycle Regulation
Which of the following is not a m...,
What cyclin s are required to pas...,
The cell cycle checkpoints in g1 ...
10  cards
RAT #23 - Cell Cycle
Interphase is defined as a g1 g2 ...,
The g0 phase is a a permanent sta...,
During which phase of the cell cy...
11  cards
RAT #22 - Meiosis
Cytokinesis occurs during which p...,
Which of the following is not a u...,
Which of the following is a resul...
11  cards
RAT #21 - Mitosis
During which phase of mitosis do ...,
Cytokinesis begins during which p...,
During which phase does the dna m...
11  cards
RAT #20 - Overview of Protein Transport + Trafficking
The kdel signal works by keeping ...,
The lysosomal targeting signal is...,
The nuclear localization signal i...
10  cards
RAT #19 - Vesicular Trafficking - (Mechanism)
Which of following molecules is r...,
Cop i coated vescile travel in wh...,
What is function of coat proteins...
10  cards
RAT #18 - Vesicular Trafficking - (Targeting Proteins)
Which cellular pathway moves mate...,
Bulk flow secretion is an example...,
Starting from the nucleus moving ...
10  cards
RAT #17 - Insertion of Proteins into Membranes
Which protein structure is utiliz...
1  cards
RAT #16 - CoTranslational Translocation
Which of following is not of sign...,
True false all proteins including...,
When compared to free polyribosom...
10  cards
RAT #15 - Nuclear Transport
Which of the following molecules ...,
Passage of large molecules macrom...,
The nuclear localization signal i...
10  cards
RAT #14 - Overview of Regulating Gene Expression
General transcription factors are...,
Translational regulatory proteins...,
The role of methylation of dna is...
10  cards
RAT #13 - Regulating Protein Function
Feedback inibition is a type of a...,
True false allosteric regulation ...,
A hydrogen bond is selected aansw...
10  cards
RAT #12 - Regulating Protein Synthesis
A blocks the translation start si...,
A one different exonb more or few...,
True false the presence of an iro...
10  cards
RAT #11 - Epigenetics
True false dna methylation is an ...,
True false,
Which of the following is not a p...
10  cards
RAT #10 - Transcriptional Regulation - NON-DNA dependent
Which of following is not a chemi...,
True false chromatin rearrangement,
Apparently our muscle cells are d...
10  cards
RAT #9 - Transcriptional Regulation - DNA Sequence Dependent
The proteins which bind to dna se...,
Enhancers are found a downstream ...,
Which of the following transcript...
10  cards
RAT #8 - Chromosome Structure
A gene can be defined as a segmen...,
Beads on a string refers to a 2nd...,
What is chromatin dna proteindna ...
10  cards
RAT #7 - Replication vs. Transcription vs. Translation
T f the template strand of dna fo...,
Which of the following molecules ...,
The initiation step of translatio...
10  cards
RAT #6 - Translation - II
0  cards
RAT #5 - Translation - I
0  cards
RAT #4 - Transcription
0  cards
RAT #3 - DNA Replication
0  cards
RAT #2 - Cell Theory + Central Dogma of Molecular Cell Biology
D cells can only come from other ...,
D replication then translation th...,
T f dna and rna are composed of a...
30  cards
RAT #1 - Syllabus Review
What is the policy regarding the ...,
Which of the following is true re...,
Readiness assessment tests rats w...
10  cards
RAT # - Protein Structure - (EXTRA CREDIT)
The amino acid glutamate or gluta...,
Chaperones use energy to force pr...,
Molecular chaperones are responsi...
10  cards
CH 16: The Cell Cycle - (Quiz Mode)
The mitotic phase of the cell cyc...,
The mitotic phase of the cell cyc...,
The mitotic phase of the cell cyc...
96  cards
TOPIC 21 - Cell Cycle Regulation
In which cell cycle phase s is dn...,
In which cell cycle phase s does ...,
How many times is dna replication...
11  cards
Mitosis + Meiosis
Nucleoli are present during _____...,
Cytokinesis often but not always ...,
Chromosomes become visible during...
22  cards
TOPIC 2 - Central Dogma : DNA Relplication, Transcription, Translation
What is the central dogma of mole...,
Dna replication,
Rna transcription
34  cards

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