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Cartilage Histology
What are the three types of carti...,
Important featuers of hyaline car...,
What type of collagen is in hyali...
33  cards
Bone Histology and Development
What do bone and cartilage have i...,
What are the components of a long...,
50  cards
Bone Physiology - Endocrine
What are the six important roles ...,
What characteristic of cancellous...,
What bone do the neural crest cel...
34  cards
Orthopedic Pathology
What what are the epiphysis and m...,
56  cards
Functional Anatomy of the Spine
Functions of the vertebral column,
Components of the vertebral column,
What are the divisions of the ver...
37  cards
Structure and Function of the MSK System
Components of a single joint system,
What is the role of the bones,
Wolffs law
48  cards
Organization and Development of the Limbs
What are the structures shared by...,
Describe the compartments of the ...,
What is the innervation and muscl...
38  cards
What is osteoarthritis,
Pathological findings in osteoart...,
Why is the societal impact of ost...
48  cards
Muscle Mechanics and Physiology
What is the relationship between ...,
How does the cns control muscle f...,
Why do muscles inherently want to...
23  cards
Inherited Disorders of Connective Tissue
What can give rise to disorders o...,
What structures are affected by d...,
What are the radiologic findings ...
43  cards
Functional Anatomy of the Forearm and Hand
How much of the function of the h...,
What side of the hand is the most...,
What finger is the least important
63  cards
Musculoskeletal Imaging
What is conventional radiography ...,
How many view must be gotten at a...,
What are the advantages of conven...
48  cards
Musculoskeletal Trauma
Common sports injuries,
What is strain,
What is a sprain
23  cards
Pediatric Musculoskeletal Injuries
How do childrens bones differ fro...,
What are the four anatomic aresa ...,
What are the structural differenc...
36  cards
Blood Supply of the Upper Extremity
What structures does the innomina...,
Based ib tge abteruir scalene mus...,
Name the branches of the subclavi...
45  cards
Blood Supply of the Lower Extremity
What is the inguinal ligament,
What structures make up the femor...,
What are the contents of the femo...
57  cards
Adult Sports Medicine and Overuse Injuries
What are extrinsic risk factors r...,
What are drug related risk factor...,
What are intrinsic risk factors f...
53  cards
Sports Injuries Unique to Young Athletes
What part of the bone structures ...,
Osteochondroses apophysitis
51  cards
Immunosuppressive Therapies for Auto-immune MSK Diseases
What drugs are used to relieve sy...,
What is the benefit of treating t...,
What is the use of nsaids in arth...
16  cards
Neuropathies of the Upper Limb
What are the main causes of nerve...,
43  cards
Seronegative Spondyloarthropathies (SpA)
What are the different types of s...,
What are the environmental trigge...,
What is hla b27
51  cards
Neoplasms of Bone and Joint Pathology
How does the diagnosis of bone tu...,
What is osteochondroma,
Multiple hereditary exostosis
62  cards
Scleroderma (Systemic Sclerosis)
What is systemic sclerosis,
What are the major clinical subse...,
What is the pathogenesis of scler...
26  cards
Bone and Joint Infections
What are the long term impacts on...,
What is the pathogenesis of septi...,
What are the risk factors for get...
38  cards
Pediatric Rheumatology
What are the hallmarks of inflamm...,
In terms of immunological bases o...,
Cellular basis of autoinflammator...
51  cards
Crystalline Arthropathies
What are the three main crystal t...,
What is bcp where does it deposit,
Acute calcific periarthritis
28  cards
Inflammatory Myopathies
What is the definition of,
What are the disease that can be ...,
What is the general presentation ...
22  cards
Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
What is sle,
What is the epidemiology of lupus,
What population is at highest ris...
42  cards
Functional Anatomy of the Lower Limbs
What is stride length,
What is step length,
What are the periods of stride
22  cards
What are the layers of arteries,
What are the types of vascular di...,
What are the categories of arteri...
37  cards
Acute and Chronic Pain
49  cards
What are the major functions of g...,
Why did cholesterol evolve,
What is the action of glucocortic...
22  cards
Rheumatoid Arthritis
What is rheumatodi arthritis,
What is the epidemiology of ra,
What are the possible causes of p...
51  cards
Biologic Response Modifiers in Rheumatologic Disease
What is the pathology of ra,
What is the pannus in ra,
What are biologic response modifiers
18  cards
What are the major effects of opi...,
What is the 1 way opioids kill pe...,
Sedation vs analgesia
47  cards
How are nsads related,
What is the mechanism of creation...,
What are the two types of cox
33  cards
Integrative Medicine
How many people suffer from chron...,
How much does chronic pain cost a...,
What are the four foundations of ...
10  cards
Hip and Knee Replacements
Joint arthroplasty,
Who gets hip replacements,
What are the steps of a hip repla...
27  cards
Back Pain
Why is back pain important,
What are the top three most costl...,
What are the common causes of pai...
17  cards
Skin Structure and Function
What are the major skin functions,
What is the makeup of the epidermis,
What is the makeup of the dermis
45  cards
Melanocytes, Nevi, and Melanoma
What kinds of damage results from...,
33  cards
Cutaneous Manifestations of Systemic Disease
Kaput medsa
77  cards
Eczema and Itchy Skin
What is the definition of eczema,
What are the histologic findings ...,
What is the distribution of eczem...
22  cards
What are some features of cutaneo...,
What are the layers of innate imm...,
What is the most superficial barr...
24  cards
Dermatologic Manifestations of Bacterial Infections
What are the bacteria that cause ...,
What are the neisseria species th...,
General features of neisseria men...
32  cards
Cutaneous Manifestations of Viral Infections
What are the general patterns of ...,
Name the major dna viruses,
Name the important rna viruses
47  cards
Benign Skin Neoplasms
Seborrheic keratosis,
How can you tell if a lesions is ...,
What is the treatment for seborrh...
24  cards
Wound Healing
What is the epidemiology of wounds,
What are the processes of wound h...,
What are the organs that can heal...
36  cards
Nonmelanoma Skin Cancer
What are the types of uv light th...,
What are common clinical signs of...,
What is the multiple step model o...
40  cards
Drug Reactions and Blistering Disorders
What are the characteristics of m...,
What are the most common and impo...,
Immediate drug induced skin react...
55  cards
Peds Derm Topics
Birthmark patterns,
Cafe au lait macules,
Diagonstic criteria for neurofibr...
24  cards
KOH and bugs
What is the use of koh,
Norwegian scabies
10  cards
ID Derm Part 2
What are the three groups of cuta...,
What tissues do dermatophytes infect,
Tinea capitis
37  cards
Connective Tissue Disease
What are the three major forms of...,
Discoid lupus erythematosus,
Subacute cutaneous lupus erythema...
26  cards

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