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Structure and function of the CNS 1
2 sub divisions of the nervous sy...,
2 sub divisions of the cns,
2 sub divisions of the peripheral...
64  cards
Sensory Pathway
Is sensory pathway afferent or ef...,
What does the somatosensory pathw...,
What does the lateral spinothalam...
15  cards
Structure and function of the CNS 2
What does the trigeminal nerve do,
What do nuclei cutaneous and grac...,
What is the decussation of pyramids
90  cards
Electricity and neural function: resting membrane potential, action potential, synaptic transmission
What is membrane potential,
What are the three main ionic con...,
What is a
34  cards
Neuronal structure, function and organisation
What are excitable cells,
What are the two types of excitab...,
What is a neuron
45  cards
Blood supply of the brain
Where do the carotid arteries com...,
How do brachiocephalic veins form,
How is vena cava formed
42  cards
Inter cranial pressure and cerebral blood flow
What is icp,
What is cbf,
Normal icp
48  cards
Cutaneous perception
What are the sensory modalities,
What does a mechanoreceptor detect,
What do thermoreceptors detect
42  cards
What is pharmacokinetics,
What is pharmacodynamics,
What are the four main steps of p...
63  cards
Cell-cell communication
What are the 4 main classes of re...,
What is contact dependent signalling,
Where are gap junctions found
42  cards
Men, masculinities and health
What are the leading causes of de...,
Why do men normally have more unm...,
Biological reasons for men having...
14  cards
Psychological impact of a stroke and rehabilitation
Challenges of illness,
Psychosocial challenges in a stroke,
Emotional and cognitive responses...
23  cards
Cranial nerves
Which three structures make up th...,
Which part of the brain are the f...,
Where do nerves 3 7 originate from
76  cards
Imaging of the brain
Function of coronal suture,
Function of sagittal suture,
Function of lambdoid suture
27  cards
Psychology of pain
Why is pain a social communicator,
Examples of pain but little tissu...,
Examples of lots of tissue damage...
15  cards
Pain and its management
What is pain,
Effects of pain,
Pain pathway
42  cards
What is pharmacodynamics,
What is pharmacokinetics,
What is the generic name of a drug
36  cards
Normal hearing
How do sound waves travel through...,
Structures found in the middle ear,
What is found in the inner ear
31  cards
Skull and cranial nerves
Skull bones,
Which cranial nerves are associat...,
5 parts on temporal bone
30  cards
Brain dissection
57  cards
Regional function of the brain
Function of central sulcus,
Function of sylvia lateral fissure,
What is a fissure
32  cards
Autonomic nervous system
Function of autonomic nervous system,
Function of parasympathetic nervo...,
Function of sympathetic nervous s...
18  cards
Motor pathways
What do motor nerves do,
What does the motor pathway do,
Motor cortex blood supply
47  cards
What are neurotransmitters,
Which neurotransmitter normally a...,
Which enzyme regulates presynapti...
21  cards

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