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Anatomy and Physiology of the Eye- Intro
What type of epithelium is found ...,
Describe the stroma of the cornea,
What sort of epithelium makes u t...
23  cards
Vision: Refraction and Accommodation
What is refraction,
What is accommodation,
What change occurs in the lens as...
28  cards
Vision: Transduction
Define phototransduction,
What part of the rods and cones c...,
Describe the structure of the rod...
17  cards
Vision: The Visual Pathway
What is your visual field,
How would you test someone visual...,
What crosses at the optic chiasma
10  cards
Vision: Eye Muscles
What do intrinsic muscles control,
What do extrinsic eye muscles do,
Where do recti eye muscle arise from
29  cards
Common Conditions of the Eye
What part of the boy orbit is eas...,
21 year old is complaining of dou...,
In a patient who has a had a blow...
39  cards
What cells carry action potentials,
What are glial cells,
How many cell populations are pre...
30  cards
Topography of the Brain
From what does the brain develop,
What ventricles are in the cerebr...,
What is the space within the dien...
53  cards
Cranial Nerves
What fibres may cranial nerves co...,
What is cranial 1,
What foramen does the olfactory n...
61  cards
Cerebral Hemispheres
What is the basal ganglia,
What is the gyrus of the brain,
Where is the median longitudinal ...
54  cards
Spinal Cord and Periphery
Where motor neuron crosses,
What do all the axons of motor ne...,
What part of the internal capsule...
31  cards
Motor Control (Intro)
What controls posture and balance,
From what do brainstem nuclei rec...,
What four systems control muscle ...
31  cards
Vestibular System
What does the vestibular apparatu...,
Which of the ampulla utricle and ...,
What are the otolith organs
36  cards
Motor Control
What are the three levels in the ...,
What do the ventral medial pathwa...,
1 3 of the corticospinal tract or...
45  cards
Where does the sleep process orig...,
What is the difference between sl...,
What can electrical stimulation o...
38  cards
Memory and Cognition
What is cognition simplified,
What are association areas,
What is the function of the hippo...
36  cards
Sensory Systems
What is the receptive field,
What do all sensory receptors tra...,
What does the size of the recepto...
33  cards
Multiple Sclerosis
What does relapsing remitting mean,
Why does demyelination occur in ms,
What is post inflammatory gliosis
43  cards
Retinal Disorders
When examining the fundus which v...,
What does biometry calculate,
In a fluorescein angiography what...
48  cards
Red Eye and Adnexal Oncology
If there is non mild pain with pe...,
Describe symptoms and signs in ba...,
What type of conjunctivitis would...
69  cards
Muscle and Nerve Disease
What symptoms may muscle disease ...,
What signs may be present in musc...,
What investigations could you car...
34  cards
Spinal Cord Diseases
What upper motor neuron signs wou...,
What lower motor neuron signs wou...,
What would a hemicord lesion pres...
26  cards
Clinical Neurophysiology
What does an emg investigate,
What does an eeg investigate,
What do evoked potentials investi...
11  cards
What is the differential diagnosi...,
What do you need to get from the ...,
What information do you need from...
67  cards
Define and give an example of a p...,
Define of a secondary headache,
Give some examples of causes of s...
77  cards
What embryonic layer develops int...,
What does thickening of the ectod...,
The edges of the ectoderm thicken...
62  cards
Pathophysiology of Pain
What is pain,
Is pain a stimulus,
Describe the pain pathway from th...
44  cards
Infections in the CNS
Define meningitis,
Define encephalitis,
Define myelitis
85  cards
Cerebrovascular Disease
What is the blood supply to the b...,
In the brain do veins accompany t...,
Define stroke
30  cards
Hydrocephalus and Lumbar Puncture
What is hydrocephalus,
Where is the majority of csf prod...,
Describe the csf production process
57  cards
Neurological clinical Assessment
What is the munro kelly doctrine,
Why would there be a fixed dilate...,
What would you observe in a non c...
28  cards
Coma and Vegatative State
What is coma,
What acts as the alerting or awak...,
What could cause a decrease in th...
34  cards
Cerebral Infarction
Define stroke,
What are the three most common ca...,
What can cause haemorrhagic stroke
38  cards
Cranial Nerve Disorders
What cranial nerves have special ...,
What controls the muscles of mast...,
What controls the muscles of the ...
54  cards
Degenerative Diseases of CNS
What is dementia,
What are the 3 most common causes...,
What are the 3 most common causes...
34  cards
Brain Tumour Pathology
Name some localised lesions that ...,
What generalised pathology can ca...,
Of are the effects of space occup...
36  cards
Brain Clinical
Name 3 common primary brain tumours,
Name the commonest tumours that s...,
What cells are gliomas derived from
25  cards
Functional Neurological Disorders
What is the definition of functio...,
What is there often a history of ...,
What might be seen on examination...
6  cards
Cerebral Perfusion and Intracranial Pressure
What is vasogenic oedema,
What oedema is caused by membrane...,
What are some secondary effects o...
34  cards
Glasgow Coma Scale
Describe the best eye response,
Describe best verbal response,
What is score 6 in best motor res...
8  cards
Surgical Diseases of the Spinal Cord
What is the myotome for c5,
What spinal level is the wrist ex...,
What is the myotome of c7
54  cards
Applied Neuropharmacology
How could you use pharmacological...,
What pharmacological intervention...,
Name 6 types of neurotransmitters
36  cards
Define impairment,
Define a disability activity limi...,
Define a handicap participation r...
21  cards
Assessment of Cognitive Functioning
Define disorientation,
Define antero grade amnesia,
What is the purpose of beside cog...
11  cards
Cells and Tissues of the Nervous System
True or falseglial cells are non ...,
What is the cytoplasm in the cell...,
What is the axoplasm
17  cards

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