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exam 1
Scientific method,
What drives the scientific method,
Egypt 5000 years ago
178  cards
exam 1 review questions
Using the nerst equation if the c...,
During the fall phase of action p...,
During the rising phase of action...
19  cards
neurotransmitter systems
What was the first neurotransmitter,
Cells that produce and release ac...,
Cells that produce and release no...
111  cards
nervous system structure
Is the cerebrum contralateral or ...,
Is the cerebellum contralateral o...,
Brain stem
71  cards
chemical senses
Chemoreceptors are important for,
5 basic tastes
27  cards
Sound frequency,
48  cards
exam 2 review questions
T or f nicotinic acetylcholine re...,
T or f cells that make either epi...,
What is taken up by the presynapt...
26  cards
ch. 9 - eye
115  cards
ch. 10 - central visual system
Conscious visual perception pathway,
Retinofugal projection is made up...,
Optic nerves
71  cards
ch. 12 - somatic sensory system
Somatic sensation,
Four main groups of stimuli,
Touch skin
102  cards
ch. 13 - spinal control of movement
Motor system,
Behavior requires the coordinatio...,
Smooth muscle
60  cards
ch. 14 - brain control of movement
The brain influences activity of,
63  cards
exam 3 review questions
Which are the only cells in the e...,
The eye is designed to best detect,
If you injected radioactive amino...
30  cards
exam 1 questions
T or f electrical synapses are pr...,
T or f both pre and post synaptic...,
Which of the following is false p...
48  cards
exam 2 questions
Which of the following describes ...,
Why are g proein gated ion channe...,
Which of the following mediate mo...
52  cards
exam 3 questions
Which cells have axons which exit...,
Which of the following would maxi...,
What is the difference between on...
49  cards

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