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The local muscle system lms,
Primary role of the lms,
What consists of the lms
5  cards
Anatomical Planes
Mention the 4 anatomical planes,
Median plane,
Sagittal plane
18  cards
Anatomical Terms - Position & Direction
Cranial superior,
Posterior dorsal
12  cards
Col. Book: Systems Of The Body, Cells & Tissues
What is a system,
Skeletal system,
Articular system
14  cards
Cells & Tissue (Ch1 APP)
How many cells are there in the h...,
How many cell types are there,
Bone cells
11  cards
Tissue (Ch4 APP)
Mention the 4 major types of body...,
Epithelial tissue,
Simple epithelial
61  cards
The 8 pilates principles,
The 5 key elements,
What are the 3 pre dominant types...
4  cards
How many vertebrae do we have in ...,
58  cards
Skeletal System & Joints
How many bones does the human bod...,
How are bones grouped,
What does the axial skeleton cons...
52  cards
Muscles Of The Torso
Splenius muscles movement in neck,
What two muscles make up the sple...,
What are erector spinae
11  cards
What does the pelvic girdle consi...,
What does the pelvic diaphragm pe...,
What do the superficial transvers...
16  cards
Bones Of The Upper Limb
What do the upper limbs include,
Bones of the arm,
The greater tubercle serves as in...
27  cards
Muscles Of The Upper Limb
Muscles of scapular stabilization,
Muscles of musculotendinous cuff ...,
Movers of the shoulder joint muscles
15  cards
Bones Of The Lower Limb
What do the lower limbs include,
Bone of the thigh,
Bones of the lower leg
21  cards
Muscles Of The Lower Limb
Thigh iliopsoaswhat is it,
Mention the 3 muscles found in th...,
Which muscle is involved in maint...
38  cards
Nervous System
What does the nervous system include,
What do central nervous system ce...,
Mention examples of the brain sen...
47  cards
Indications & Contra-indications
Exercises to avoid with acute low...
1  cards
Who created pilates,
Where was joseph pilates born,
When was joseph pilates born
19  cards
Exercise Levels
Which movements have 5 levels,
Which movements have 4 levels,
Which movements have 3 levels
6  cards
Shoulder blades,
Finding neutral
5  cards
Primary sling,
Anterior oblique sling muscles,
Anterior oblique sling injuries
8  cards

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