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What is a firearm?

Anything from which a projectile can be discharged by force of explosive, including:
Anything that has been adapted for the above;
Anything that by completion of component parts, correction or repair would be as above;
Anything that, otherwise being a firearm, is dismantled;
Any especially dangerous airgun.


What is an airgun?

Air rifle/air pistol/Anything from which a projectile can be discharged by force of gas or compressed air.


What is an imitation firearm?

Anything that gives the appearance of being a firearm.


What is a pistol?

Any firearm designed to be held and fired with one hand, including any firearm less than 762mm in length.


What is a restricted weapon?

Anything declared so by the Governor General, eg Molotov cocktail, grenade, rocket launcher.


What is an explosive?

Anything capable of exploding or producing a pyrotechnic effect, eg dynamite, marine distress flares.


What is an MSSA?

A military style semi automatic firearm, that fires, ejects and chambers a cartridge with each pull of the trigger, not including pistols or weapons maintained in a sporting configuration.


What are the "additional requirements" that an MSSA must have?

Folding/telescopic butt
Bayonet lugs
A flash suppressor
A free-standing pistol grip
A magazine capable of holding/appears to be capable of holding 7 cartridges of any calibre OR more than 15 .22 cartridges.


How often must a firearms license be renewed?

Every 10 years


What are the rules around 0-16 year olds owning/possessing firearms?

Cannot own a firearm or an airgun but can use one under immediate supervision.


What are the rules around 16-18 year olds owning/possessing firearms?

Requires a license for a firearm and an airgun.


What are the rules around people over 18 owning/possessing firearms?

Require a license for a firearm but no license for an airgun.


What are the different categories of firearms licenses and what do they mean?

A - full license for possession/use of conventional firearms.
B - pistols, provided the owner is a member of a pistol club.
C - collections, restricted weapons and use of weapons in theatrical performances.
D - firearms dealers
E - MSSA's


What are the duties of firearms license holders?

Keep license legible/undamaged
Produce to police on demand
Present in 7 days if not on them when demanded
Change of address: notify within 30 days
Report in writing any loss/theft/destruction of FA
If death/injury results from firearm use, report to police as soon as practicable.


What does section 40 of the Arms Act state?

That you have the power to demand the particulars of any person in possession of a firearm. You can only arrest for failing after warning the person.


What does section 18 of the search and surveillance act state in relation to arms?

If you have RGTS that a person carries/possesses/has control of arms
AND that person is in breach of the arms act OR: a PO/PSO is in place against the person, or there are grounds for a PO to be applied for, OR:
by reason of their physical/mental condition may:
Kill or cause bodily injury to any person OR:
Is incapable of having proper control of the arms.


What is an example of what is NOT "lawful, proper and sufficient purpose" to carry a firearm?

Rabbit shooting farmer leaving gun in his truck when going into town to visit his friends.


What does the Earl of Caithness case law state about how far away someone can be from a firearm and still be in possession of it?



What does section 66 of the arms act state in relation to occupiers of land and drivers of vehicles?

That they are deemed to be in possession of any firearm/airgun/pistol/imitation firearm/restricted weapon/explosive is found, unless they prove it to be in the possession of some other person.