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Explain why police gather information.

To locate people, confirm/corroborate evidence, prosecute offenders, keep up with crime trends/patterns, use the problem solving technique, enhance patrol planning, store it as a basis for intel-driven policing.


Which people would an officer potentially want to locate?

Offenders, suspects, victims, witnesses, informants, missing people.


Which methods do police use to gather information at crime scenes?

Attending scenes, computer systems, informal methods, exhibit examination.


What information can be gathered from attending a scene?

Physical evidence (observe/record), exhibits, speaking to people who may have information (area enquiries), interviewing those directly involved with crime (victim/informant/witness/suspect/offender)


How can information be gathered through a computer system?



How can information be gathered informally?

Anonymous phone calls, informants, people chatting off duty, people in the service industry


How can information be gathered via exhibit examination?

Documents - Chequebooks, diaries, bank statements etc. Forensic evidence such as fingerprints or DNA


Give examples of sources police can use when locating people.

Phone book, Bills (phone/electrical), electoral roll, Baycorp, police database, Rates records, IRD, WINZ (benefits division), Births/Deaths/Marriages, Vehicle Register


Why is confidentiality important in the information-gathering process?

To avoid victimisation or retribution for informants. To maximise your own credibility/integrity/build rapport and trust. To avoid people declining to assist police in future.


How does "Prevention First" relate to Basic Investigation?

Deploying to Beat Demand can be achieved through use of information gathered during Basic Investigation processes. Understanding and Responding to Drivers of Crime can be improved through intel and interaction with the community - carried out through Basic Investigation Processes. Changing the Mindset of our People: putting preventing and needs of victims at the forefront of policing will happen when the most information pertaining to crimes and victims is available.