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Define "threatening" language.

Language that conveys an intention to harm a person or property. "I'm gonna burn your house down!"


Define "insulting" language.

Language that reflects on a person's character, life or upbringing. "Slut"


Define "offensive" language.

Language that is intended to outrage or hurt the feelings of the person it's directed at. "You're the biggest whore in town"


Define "alarming" language.

Language intended to disturb or agitate. "Fire!"


Define "obscene" language.

Language used with a sexual context. "Cocksucker"


Define "indecent" language.

Language repugnant to an average person's decency or propriety. "Fuck you"


What defences are available to someone charged with using indecent or obscene words in a public place?

Not believing the words would be overheard.


What is the importance of the time, place, circumstances factor?

Determines a police officer's discretion - it is down to the individual officer to make a call.


What powers do you have to deal with language offences?

To arrest and charge under the Summary Offences Act.


How can the principles of Prevention First be applied to Language Offences?

Deploying to beat demand, Understanding and responding to drivers of crime and Changing the mindset of our people.