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What are the 8 steps of the Systematic Approach?

Victim/Informant, Appreciation, Witness, Scene, Exhibits, Ingredients, Powers, Offender


What factors should be considered when carrying out an appreciation?

Whats my goal? How do I achieve it? What are some alternative options? What's the BEST option? Are there safety issues? Do I need assistance? How much time do I have? What resources are available to me?


Why is flexibility required when using the Systematic Approach?

Order may not suit every situation - may not be possible in every situation. Key point is to cover all aspects of each step.


What are the four open types of questions?

TEDS - Tell me, Explain, Describe, Show me...


What are the six basic probing questions?

What, Where, When, Who, How, Why?


What should you consider when you talk to people/examine crime scenes?

Do the stories add up? Are the stories possible? Does the physical evidence support stories? Are the ingredients for an offence here?


What principles of the Prevention First strategy can be applied to the Systematic Approach?

Deploying to beat demand, Understanding and responding to drivers of crime, Changing the mindset of our people - all of them.