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What is the definition for "missing person"


R- reported missing to police
U- unknown whereabouts
F- fears for their safety


What acronym is used to decide whether fears for safety are founded?


Zones of safety
Circumstance in which they are missing.


What acronym is used to decide whether circumstances are concerning enough to warrant an immediate search?




What are the 4 types of missing persons?

Missing Overseas.


What are the initial investigation procedures for a missing person?

Obtain as many details as possible. Full particulars, photograph, state of health, when/where/whom last seen, what wearing when last seen, bank account details, IRD and passport numbers, possible reason for disappearance, have they been missing before, have any enquiries already been made.


What form is used to give to the informant of a missing person?

POL64 - Missing Person Acknowledgement Form.


What are some principles to remember when the missing person is a child?

Search home area thoroughly first. If not found within one hour, escalate the search.


What are some principles to remember when calling in Dog units for missing persons?

Dogs will only track the strongest scent, and the ideal time is within 30 minutes after it was left. Cold, still conditions are ideal.


When are files for missing persons reviewed?

After 3 days, 14 days, 30 days, 90 days and 1 year.


What are the procedures undertaken when a missing person is located?

They are interviewed. The missing person alert is removed from NIA. The informant is advised that they have been found (but not necessarily of the details of their whereabouts).


Under the Coroners' Act 2006, what types of deaths MUST be reported to the coroner?

Cause unknown (no docs cert),
Unnatural/violent deaths,
Medical (or surgical or dental) deaths,
Birth (or pregnancy) deaths, Institiutional deaths,
Enactment requires reporting deaths (Civil Aviation Authority etc)


What are the facts that need to be established in a Coroners' inquest, and their corresponding documentation?

The fact a person has died (Deceased Person Cert)
Identity of the deceased (Deceased Person ID)
Cause of death (Pathologist's Report)
Where/When death occurred (POL 47/47A)
Circumstances of the death (Statements/Job sheets/Depositions)


What are the types of deaths that the coroner MUST hold an inquiry into?

SIC - Suicides, Institutional deaths or deaths where the Circumstances of the death are unclear.


What are the grounds under which a coroner MAY hold an inquest?

Whether or not the causes of death appear to have been natural, whether the death appears to be due to the action or inaction of any person (for unnatural/violent deaths), if there exists any allegations or public concerns about the death, the extent to which drawing attention to the death is likely to prevent a reoccurence, desire of family members to have an inquiry conducted, or any other matters that the coroner sees fit.


What is the basic procedure for attending a sudden death, when there are no suspicious circumstances?

Note the position of the body, note the presence of anything around the body that may have contributed to the death, secure any evidence, take full details from witnesses, safeguard the deceased's property, call CIB if circumstances may be suspicious.


What is the documentation required for a sudden death file?

Pol 258, Report for Coroner (Pol 47/47A), Deceased Person Certificate (Pol 265), Deceased Person Identification (Pol 265A), Property Record Sheet (Pol 268)


Who are 3 people that MUST be informed of a Sudden Death.

Must: Coroner, NOK, Supervisor/Station