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Chapter 1: History and Scope of Epidemiology
What is epidemiology,
33  cards
Chapter 2: Practical Applications of Epidemiology
What are pop dynamics,
What are the sections of pop dyna...,
Fixed population
24  cards
Chapter 3: Measures of Morbidity & Mortality Used in Epidemiology
What is a count,
Ratio types,
37  cards
Chapter 4: Descriptive Epidemiology: Person, Place, Time
What is descriptive epidemiology,
What are descriptive studies,
Analytic studies
43  cards
Chapter 5: Sources of Data for Use in Epidemiology
What is record linkage,
What is public health surveillance,
10  cards
Chapter 6: Study Designs: Ecologic, Cross Sectional, Case Control
Ecologic comparison studies,
Ecologic trend,
Ecologic fallacy
26  cards
Chapter 7: Study Designs: Cohort Studies
What is a cohort study,
What is temporality,
29  cards
Chapter 8: Experimental Study Designs
Experimental study design,
What is a quasi experimental design,
Intervention study
30  cards
Chapter 9: Measures of Effect
What is an effect measure,
What is the difference measure of...,
What is another name for differen...
39  cards
Chapter 10: Data Interpretation Issues
What is validity of study,
Internal validity,
External validity
15  cards
Chapter 11: Screening for Disease
What is mass screening,
What is selective screening,
What is screening
39  cards
Chapter 12: Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases
What does the 3 factor epidemiolo...,
What is an agent,
What are characteristics of infec...
43  cards
Chapter 13: Epidemiologic Aspects of Work & the Environment
What is environmental epidemiology,
What are brown lung disease byssi...,
What is confounding
4  cards
Chapter 14: Molecular and Genetic Epidemiology
What is a genetic code,
How many chromosomes should every...
16  cards
Chapter 15: Social, Behavioral, & Psychosocial Epidemiology
Social epidemiology,
Behavioral epidemiology,
Psychosocial epidemiology
9  cards
Study Guide
Odds ratio formula self reported ...,
Relative risk rr in a study of ra...,
Attack rate ar
23  cards

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principles and methods of epidemiology

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