private pilot (da 40ng)

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DA 40 - V Speeds
Vo what is it,
Vfe what is it,
Vne what is it
15  cards
Airport Operations
If you are taxiing at an unfamili...,
Describe a rwy hold short line,
What items are you specifically r...
17  cards
KIND Frequencies
Clearance delivery,
Kind ground control
11  cards
Light Gun Signals
On the ground steady green,
On the ground flashing green,
On the ground steady red
10  cards
DA 40 System Failures
You notice the oil temperature ha...,
You notice the coolant temperatur...,
You notice oil pressure is in the...
11  cards
DA 40 Weights
Empty weight,
Maximum takeoff weight mtow,
Maximum ramp weight
8  cards
DA 40 Aircraft Limitations
Maximum power limitation,
Maximum continuous power,
Max ramp weight
23  cards
PPL Oral - Night Operations
Does the afm for your aircraft sa...,
What are rods and cones,
How long on average does it take ...
41  cards
DA 40 Maneuvers
Describe all steps for slow flight,
Describe all steps for power off ...,
Describe all steps for a power on...
12  cards
Weight & Balance
What performance characteristics ...,
Characteristics of a forward cg,
Characteristics of an aft cg
8  cards
PPL Oral - Aerodynamics & Performance
What are the two main forces acti...,
Why do we need to apply back pres...,
Why do we need rudder in a turn
37  cards
PPL Oral - Cross Country Planning
What are the 3 most common ways t...,
What type of aeronautical charts ...,
Are efbs an approved replacement ...
90  cards
PPL Oral - Airspace
What is class a airspace,
Can you fly vfr in class a airspace,
What pilot qualifications are nec...
52  cards
PPL Oral - Weather Codes (METARS & PIREPs)
Metar symbols,
67  cards
PPL Oral - Weather Theory
What is the main driving force be...,
In what part of the atmosphere do...,
What is the atmosphere made of
141  cards
PPL Oral - Special Use Airspace
What is a prohibited area,
What is a restricted area,
How could you enter a
27  cards
PPL Oral - Weather Charts, Alerts, and Reports
Understand parameters of Charts, Alerts and Reports concerning aviation Weather
76  cards
PPL Oral - Pilot Qualifications/Certificate/Medical
What are the eligibility requirem...,
What privileges go along with a p...,
What rules exist concerning wheth...
41  cards
PPL Oral - Airworthiness & Maintenance requirements
What documents are required to be...,
When does your aircrafts registra...,
What is an airworthiness certificate
76  cards
PPL Oral - Aircraft Systems (DA 40NG)
What are the 4 primary flight con...,
What is trim and what is it for,
What flight controls are operated...
181  cards
PPL Oral - Human Factors
What is hypoxia,
What are the four types of hypoxia,
What is hypoxic hypoxia
86  cards
What situation require immediate ...,
What does n,
What is the ntsb
13  cards
Emergency Checklists - DA 40NG
Engine failure,
Engine fire,
Smoke in the cabin
4  cards
Tailplane Stall
What is a tailplane stall,
What factors increase the likelih...,
What are the warning signs of a t...
4  cards

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