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Ethical Issues and ways of dealing with them
What are ethical issues,
What are the six ethical issues,
How to gain consent from children...
11  cards
The Behaviourist Approach
What conditioning does this appro...,
What is classical conditioning,
What are the assumptions of the a...
7  cards
Research Methods
What is a laboratory experiment,
What is a field experiment,
What is a natural experiment
54  cards
Social Learning Theory
What are the key assumptions of t...,
What is the aim of banduras bobo ...,
Procedure of banduras bobo doll e...
12  cards
The Psychodynamic Approach
What is freud s tripartite theory...,
What is the id,
What is the ego
20  cards
Cognitive Approach
Main assumptions of the cognitive...,
What does the theoretical model l...,
What does the computer model look...
11  cards
Biological Approach
What is a genotype,
What is a phenotype,
What is the main assumptions of t...
15  cards
Key terms
What does reductionist mean,
What does deterministic mean,
What does idiographic mean
4  cards
Humanistic Approach
What are the main assumptions of ...,
What are the three things carl ro...,
What is the self concept
12  cards
Origins in psychology
Who opened up the first psycholog...,
What did he and his assistants tr...,
What did their investigation involve
4  cards
The Multistore Model of Memory
What is coding,
What is capacity,
What is duration
34  cards
The Working Memory Model
What type of system is working me...,
What are the main components of t...,
What is the role of the central e...
5  cards
What is interference,
What is retroactive interference,
What is proactive interference
13  cards
Types Of Long Term Memory
What is episodic memory,
What is semantic memory,
What is procedural memory
3  cards
Memory - Research To Support
Research to support encoding in msm,
Research to support capacity in msm,
Research to support duration for ...
14  cards
Misleading information and post event discussion
Paper 1
13  cards
Factors affecting eye witness testimony
4  cards

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