pt 506 kinesio / biomechanics

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Movement Analysis & Principles
Two ways to assess function,
Assess movement then blank then b...,
Assess task then blank
76  cards
Joint Structure and Function
Blank joint segment is fixed from...,
Blank joint segment is free to mo...,
Structure of human joints determi...
60  cards
Connective Tissue
Concave moving on convex then the...,
We always blank in the direciton ...,
Convex moving on concave then rol...
185  cards
Thoracic Spine Biomechanics
Thoracic is more blank than lumba...,
If we rotate one way we side bend...,
Thoracic is same arthro osteokine...
20  cards
Elbow Biomechanics
Radial head articulates with blank,
Four joints of arm,
Ulnar head articulates with blank
70  cards
Wrist Complex Biomechanics - 3
Close chained movement of humerou...,
Degrees of freedom at humeroulnar...,
Capitate is the blank of the hand...
50  cards
Hand Biomechs/ 3
Cmc 5 is also blank on blank,
Cmc 2 4 are blank joints with one...,
Cmc 1 is a blank joint between bl...
22  cards
Biomechanical Standing Posture Analysis
Having bones capsules and ligamen...,
Most important postural muscle in...,
Maintaining stability of the body...
40  cards
Cervical Spine Biomechanics - 2
Atypical cervical vertebrae,
Typical cervical vertebrae,
Cervical vertebrae bodies are bla...
69  cards
TMJ Biomechanics - 2
Blank joints with each movement o...,
This separates upper and lower jo...,
Type of joint made by mandibular ...
63  cards
Thoracic Spine Biomechanics Part 1
Rib cage is a blank kinematic system,
Thoracic spine does not need blan...,
Longer sp of thoracic vertebrae a...
41  cards
Shoulder Complex Biomechanics
4 bones of shoulder complex,
Four joints of shoulder,
There are blank ligaments in shou...
124  cards
Practical 1 Origins/Insertions
Rectus capitis posterior major
29  cards
Practical 2 Attachments
44  cards

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pt 506 kinesio / biomechanics

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