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How to calculate sensitivity,
How to calculate specificity,
How do you calculate attributable...
14  cards
Pruritic rash on wrists and shins...,
One week after genital herpes ras...,
Tx for actinic keratosis
12  cards
Emergency Medicine
Empiric abx prophylaxis for cat a...,
Empiric abx tx for infected cat a...,
Temperature for heat stroke
3  cards
Internal medicine
Tx of acute chf exacerbation,
Medications that help with aortic...,
Vasculitis of kidney upper airway...
66  cards
Inservice Deck 1 - CV and ENT
Immediate tx for unstable patient...,
Procainamide 2 main indications4 ...,
Hepatojugular reflux indicates
46  cards
Inservice Deck 2 - GI
Most sensitive symptom for appy,
20 year old with constipation has...,
Name a possible appropriate tx fo...
53  cards
Inservice Deck 3 - respiratory
30 year old female with history o...,
What are indications to give thro...,
Next step in management or diagno...
22  cards
Inservice Deck 4 - ortho
Tx and disposition for afebrile p...,
How do you splint achilles rupture,
Patient with severe pain tenderne...
46  cards
Serology for uc,
Treatment of uc,
In a patient with acute hepatitis...
26  cards
Anemia microcytic with neuro sx,
Anemia macrocytic with neuro sx,
Anemia in a patient who eats ice
15  cards
Infectious Disease
Empiric abx treatment for adult w...,
Treatment options important in os...,
Woman with ivda and sexually acti...
21  cards
Medications that cause hyperkalemia,
65 year old male with hematuria a...,
Management of patient with 5 mm r...
26  cards
Inservice Deck 5 - rapid board review
Where do aorta disruptions caused...,
Where do majority of diaphragmati...,
Patients under 12 which cricothyr...
78  cards
Inservice deck 5 - rapid board review 2
Tracheal tube size for infants an...,
Standard for tracheal placement,
Side effect of benzocaine
44  cards
Inservice Deck 5 - rapid board review 3
Pathogen and tx for neonate with ...,
Pathogen and tx for infant with s...,
Pathogen and tx for child with se...
55  cards
Inservice Deck 5 - rapid board review 4
What should you think of with joi...,
What are signs of hypothermia tx,
What is a bad sign of radiation e...
39  cards
First step if concerned about wer...,
Definitive tx of sah,
Tx of myasthenia graqvis
28  cards
Tx of n v in pregnancy that is no...,
When during pregnancy should trip...,
When during pregnancy should scre...
38  cards
Tx of bacterial conjunctivitis,
Tx of corneal abrasion,
Difference between orbital cellul...
13  cards
Age of child who can stand unassi...,
Apgar score of baby with pink tru...,
Tx of nec
31  cards
Side effects of lithium,
Which antipsych causes leukocytop...,
Pd of controlling perfectionistic...
26  cards
Part 2 Video series
Mechanism of action of aztreonam,
Mechanism of action of azithromycin,
Mechanism of action of doxycyline
134  cards
USMLE Step 3
Patient presents with acute onset...,
Inheritance of hemophilia a,
Patient has decreased hearing and...
91  cards
Inservice deck 5 - major trauma and GU
Number one cause of death in 1 19...,
Sah patient intubated in ed what ...,
Indications for thoracotomy in fa...
23  cards
Inservice Deck 6 - OB/GYN ED and pediatric
Most common surgical emergency in...,
Female recently post partum with ...,
Peripartum cardiomyopathy treatme...
44  cards
Inservice deck 7 - metabolic and tox
Patient presents with tachy htn a...,
Medication blocks release of thyr...,
50 year old male with calcium 15 ...
41  cards
Inservice deck 8 - neuro and psych
Htn patient awakens with arm para...,
Tpa dose affected in 85 year old ...,
Name of med given for vaospasm in...
31  cards
Inservice deck 9 - environmental and ophtho
What do babesiosis colorado tick ...,
Tx for rattlesnake bite in sx pat...,
Mds for prophylaxis of acute moun...
22  cards
Inservice deck 10 - heme/onc and derm
Peripheral smear reports schistoc...,
Serum sickness reaction and what ...,
Patient with transfusion of prbcs...
20  cards
Inservice deck 11 - ID, procedures, meds
Medication is first line for prop...,
Typical appearance of the rash of...,
What is most common complication ...
45  cards

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